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Family Life/Sex Education   

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The Governing Board believes that a wholesome, well-planned sequence of instruction about family life and human sexuality is essential to the general education of all students. Lack of information or pervasive misinformation can cause low self-esteem, increased risk for sexually transmitted disease, unintended pregnancy or sterility, and school dropout. The district curriculum shall help students understand the biological, psychological, social, moral, and ethical aspects of human sexuality.

Legal Reference:


48980 Required notification of rights and availability of nutrition and individualized instruction programs

51202 Instruction in personal and public health and safety

51240 Excuse from health instruction and family life and sex education due to religious beliefs

51550 Sex education courses

51553 Sex education

51820 Venereal disease instruction; written notification to parent; inspection of instructional material; consensual pupil participation


261.5 Unlawful sexual intercourse

FAMILY LIFE/SEX EDUCATION GUIDELINES, California State Department of Education, 1987.


adopted: July 1992 Santa Barbara, California

revised: August 27, 2018