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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 7.5. California English Language Development Test Article 3. Test Variations/Accommodations/Modifications Accommodations.   

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(a) Pupils with disabilities shall be permitted to take the test with those accommodations listed in subsections (b) through (e), if specified in the pupil's IEP or Section 504 plan for use on the test, standardized testing, or for use during classroom instruction and assessments.

(b) Presentation accommodations:

(1) Braille transcriptions provided by the test contractor;

(2) Large print versions reformatted from regular print version;

(3) Test items enlarged through electronic means;

(4) Audio or oral presentation of questions or items for the writing section;

(5) Use of Manually Coded English or American Sign Language to present test questions for the writing section;

(6) Test over more than one day for a test or test part to be administered in a single setting;

(7) Supervised breaks within a section of the test; and

(8) Administration of the test at the most beneficial time of day to the student.

(c) Response accommodations:

(1) For grades 3-12, Listening, Reading and Writing sections, student marks responses in test booklet and the responses are transferred to the answer document by a school or school district employee who has signed the Test Security Affidavit;

(2) For grades 2-12, Listening, Reading and Writing sections, responses dictated to a scribe for selected response items or multiple-choice items;

(3) For kindergarten and grades 1-12, Speaking section, responses dictated to a scribe for selected response items or multiple-choice items;

(4) For the Writing section, responses dictated to a scribe, audio recorder or speech to text converter and the pupil indicates all spelling and language conventions; and

(5) For the Writing section, use word processing software with the spell and grammar check tools turned off.

(d) For the Writing section, use of an assistive device that does not interfere with the independent work of the pupil.

(e) Setting accommodations include:

(1) Test at home or in hospital, by a test examiner.

(f) If the eligible pupil's or adult student's IEP team or Section 504 plan proposes a variation for use on the test that has not been listed in this section, 11516, or 11516.6, the school district may submit a request to the department for review of the proposed variation in administering the test.

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(Amended by Register 2005, No. 23.)