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Chapter 7. Criminal Offender Record Information Security Article 1. Mandatory Securing of Criminal Offender Record Information Automated Systems.   

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(a) Automated systems handling criminal offender record information and the information derived therefrom shall be secure from unauthorized access, alteration, deletion, or release. The computer system and terminals shall be located in secure premises. Non-criminal justice agencies shall not receive criminal offender record information directly from an automated criminal justice system.

(b) Record checks shall be conducted on all personnel hired after July 1, 1975, who have access to the computer system, its terminals, or the stored criminal offender record information.

(c) Each authorized agency shall keep a record of each release of criminal offender record information from the automated system. The record shall be retained and available for inspection for a period of not less than three years from the date of release. This record shall contain the date of release, the requesting terminal identifier, the receiving terminal identifier, and the information given.