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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 7.5. California English Language Development Test Article 3. Test Variations/Accommodations/Modifications. Modifications for Pupils with Disabilities.   

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(a) Pupils with disabilities shall be permitted to take the test with the following modifications if specified in the pupil's IEP or Section 504 plan for use on the test, standardized testing, or for use during classroom instruction and assessments.

(b) The following are modifications because they fundamentally alter what the examination measures or affect the comparability scores. Modifications include but are not limited to the following procedures:

(1) For the Reading section, questions or items read aloud to the student or audio presentation;

(2) For the Listening/Speaking and Reading section, use of Manually Coded English or American Sign Language to present test questions;

(3) For the Writing section, essay responses dictated orally, in Manually Coded English, or in American Sign Language to a scribe, audio recorder, or speech to test converter (scribe provides spelling, grammar, and language conventions);

(4) Use of a dictionary;

(5) For the Writing section, use of word processing software with spell and grammar check tools enabled on the essay responses;

(6) For the Writing section, use of an assistive device that interferes with the independent work of the student, including mechanical or electronic devices that are not used solely to record the pupil's responses, including but not limited to transcribers, scribes, voice recognition or voice to text software, and that identify a potential error in the pupil's response or that correct spelling, grammar, or conventions.

(c) A pupil who takes the test with one or more modifications shall receive a scored marked ?not valid? for the sections of the test on which modifications were used accompanied by the notation that a score marked ?not valid? was obtained through use of alternate procedures which may affect the validity of the test.

(d) If the pupil's or adult student's IEP or Section 504 plan proposes a variation for use on the test that has not been listed in this section, 11516, or 11516.5, the school district may submit a request for review of proposed variations in administering the test.

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