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Inglewood USD |  AR  4300.1  Personnel

Board Of Education/Administrators/Confidentials Working Relations   

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It is the intent of this regulation to specify personnel practices and to encourage and maintain a spirit of professionalism, cooperation, and mutual respect among the administrators, confidential employees, the Superintendent, and the Board of Education.

The Administrative Team of district is made up of certificated and classified administrators.

1. Assignment of Administrators

a. Administrative changes are deemed to be desirable for professional growth and better service to students and the community. It is understood that the Superintendent will make administrative assignments, reassignments, transfers, and reclassifications within the district when, in his/her judgment, such action is in the best interest of the district.

(1) Individual administrators have specific expertise and special abilities which could be of service to a large population of children, community, and teachers in the district. For this reason, it is anticipated that administrators may change assignments periodically.

(2) If the needs of the district indicate that a change in assignment of an administrator is advisable, it is expected that the outgoing and incoming administrators will do everything possible to guide these team members through a smooth transition.

(3) Administrative responsibilities for any administrative assignment include the primary assignment, as well as participation in district tasks including, but not limited to, curriculum development, planning, negotiations, community meetings, and other committee meetings that are scheduled during the approved work calendar. Duty days assigned by the supervising administrator that are beyond the approved work calendar will be compensated at a pre-approved rate. It is understood that district and school responsibilities and activities frequently extend beyond the regular workday.

2. Filling Vacant Administrative Positions

a. A vacant position is one which has not been filled by transfer or reassignment (see definitions, below).

Vacant positions shall be announced and posted so as to allow adequate time for all qualified current employees to apply.

b. Extra Duty Assignments - These assignments are beyond the regular administrative responsibility and include a stipend. Any extra duty assignments will be announced district-wide to eligible administrators.

3. Transfer, Reassignment, Reclassification

a. Definitions:

(1) Transfer - the reassignment of location with no change of title and/or responsibility (i.e., lateral movement from one division principalship to another; e.g., elementary to elementary, or high school to high school).

(2) Reassignment - the change of administrative responsibility which involves a change of title and may also involve movement to a position of greater or lesser responsibility within the administrative team.

(3) Reclassification

(a) Certificated administrators - the removal of administrative responsibility (i.e., movement to a non-management team position).

(b) Classified administrators - as per established personnel commission rules and regulations.

b. The following factors, which are not exclusive nor in rank order, shall be taken into account by the Superintendent when making the decision to transfer, reassign or reclassify an administrator:

(1) The educational needs of the district

(2) The administrator's evaluations for the prior two years

(3) His/her professional and personal capabilities

(4) His/her length of service to the district.

c. Administrators who desire a change of assignment for the following will present their requests, in writing, to the Superintendent or designee.

d. By March 15, the Superintendent or designee shall meet with any administrator who is to be transferred, reassigned, released, or reclassified for the following year to review and discuss the details of the planned action.

e. By March 15, or as otherwise provided by law, the Superintendent or designee shall provide written notification of transfer, reassignment, released, or reclassification to any administrator to be involved in such an action.

It is understood that transfers and/or reassignments may be made by the Superintendent at any time when, in his/her judgment, such action is in the best interest of the district. No administrator may be involuntarily reclassified for the following year unless he/she has received written notification of the planned action by March 15.

f. If an administrator is reassigned to an administrative position with a lower annual salary (for reasons other than loss of confidence in the ability to lead or unsatisfactory performance) he/she shall have the opportunity to earn up to the previous year's salary for a period not to exceed one year, through added responsibility and/or additional days added to the work calendar assigned to the new position if an appropriate activity or work days are available.

g. If an administrator is reassigned to an administrative position with a higher annual salary, he/she shall be given an annual salary placement that will provide a minimum five percent increase in annual salary over the previous position if available within the salary schedule.

h. If an administrator is reclassified (for reasons other than unsatisfactory performance or loss of confidence to lead) he/she shall be given the highest placement on the new salary schedule for which he/she is qualified, and shall be given the opportunity to earn the differential between the previous salary and the new salary, through added responsibility and/or time if an appropriate activity is available. This option shall be available for a period not to exceed one year.

4. Recompense

Inglewood Unified School District will remunerate administrators in accordance with the administrative salary schedules adopted by the Board.

5. Salary Schedule Placement and Other Compensation

a. Initial placement on the administrative salary schedule shall be determined by prior experience and education. Consideration shall also be given to other experience related directly to the administrator's qualifications to perform the duties to be assigned.

b. Advancement on the salary schedule shall occur on July 1, of each fiscal year, governed by the following rules.

(1) An administrator shall advance one step after each year of administrative service in the district until reaching the final step on the salary schedule.

(2) Any administrator who has been granted a doctoral degree from an accredited university will be entitled to an annual doctoral stipend of $1,000.00 added to his/her current placement on the administrative salary schedule.

c. Classified administrators will be entitled to all rights and privileges afforded all classified bargaining unit members for longevity increments and the professional growth program.

d. A stipend of $5,000 which will be used as a recruitment tool to compensate a new certificated administrator for a portion of the cost of a Tier 2 Administrative Services Induction Program. It will be provided to a new certificated administrator that has not completed their Tier 2 program, signs a contract with the District, and agrees to stay in a certificated management position for a minimum of three (3) years. The $5,000 will be paid to the new certificated administrator in the following manner:

a. $2,000 to be paid at the beginning of year one.

b. $2,000 to be paid at the beginning of year two.

c. $1,000 to be paid at the beginning of year three.

e. The district will provide membership dues to one professional organization of the administrator's choice from the approval list of professional organizations. The amount of membership dues may not exceed the annual amount of ACSA (maximum) required professional dues. Approved professional organizations include: Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), California Association School Business Officials (CASBO), Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP).

f. The district will assign cell phones when it is determined by the superintendent or designee that the assignment of a cellular telephone to the employee is a prudent use of district resources, the employee's job responsibilities require the ability to communicate frequently and access to a district or public telephone is not readily available, and the employee's job responsibilities involve a situation where immediate communication is necessary to ensure the security of district property or safety of students, staff or others while on district property or engaged in district sponsored activities. The employee may decide, in lieu of the use of a District paid cellular telephone, to receive a $40.00 monthly stipend for the use of their personal cell phone for district business. If they choose the option of receiving a stipend in lieu of a district paid cellular telephone, their cell phone number will be included in a published list for IUSD business purposes only. Employees that receive a District paid cellular phone or stipend must adhere to the District Staff Cell Phone Policy and complete a Cell Phone Request Form.

6. Unique Assignments

a. Acting Administrative/Temporary Assignments

An appointment to an administrative position shall include appropriate annual salary schedule placement as outlined in Section 5. Personnel who are assigned to specific administrative tasks for specific periods of time shall be designated temporary administrators. Appointments of this nature may not exceed a period of one year.

b. Multiple Site/Large School Assignments:

Prior to creating and/or deleting any multiple site/large school assignments, the Superintendent shall meet with the administrator involved.

c. Administrative Assistance

Recognizing that some assignments may entail additional administrative responsibilities due to programs, populations and/or enrollment, the Superintendent and/or his designee shall give consideration for additional administrative assistance to maintain adequate site supervision upon request from the site administrator. The degree of additional assistance shall be determined by the Superintendent.

7. Work Year

a. The work year for administrators shall be determined annually by the Superintendent in consultation with representatives of the IUSD Administrators' Association. At no time shall changes in the work year result in a lower per diem rate of compensation.

b. The work calendar for all certificated administrative positions will be based on a positive attendance system. Each year, certificated administrators will submit a work calendar to their supervisor for approval that identifies the required number of duty days for his/her administrative assignment. Non-duty days and district holidays are non-paid days.

8. Health and Welfare Benefits

a. Health/Dental Insurance

(1) The district will provide a comprehensive health benefits program to administrators that matches the health benefits plans offered to the other employee groups. The design of the health benefits program will be developed annually through meet and confer discussions between the Superintendent or designee and representatives of the IUSD Administrators' Association.

(2) The district contribution to provide health benefits to administrators will be determined annually through meet and confer discussions between the Superintendent or designee and representatives of the IUSD Administrators' Association.

(3) Early retirees will be entitled to all rights and privileges offered to other employee groups.

b. Life Insurance:

(1) The district shall provide life insurance coverage for each administrator.

(2) The amount of life insurance to be provided per year will be considered annually through meet and confer discussions between the Superintendent or designee and representatives of the IUSD Administrators' Association.

9. Vacations

a. Vacations for 12 month classified administrators are accrued at the monthly rate of 2.042 days per month for a total of 25 days per work year.

b. Vacations are to be arranged with the Superintendent so as to provide for maximum efficiency of the operation at all times.

c. Vacations are to be taken during the year earned or during the subsequent 12 months. Maximum accumulation of unused vacation in any 24 month period shall be 25 days.

d. At the end of 24 month period, because of district circumstances, the Superintendent may authorize additional accumulation of unused vacation to be carried forward an additional 12 months.

e. The Superintendent may approve requests for payment to administrators for those days in excess of the maximum accumulation in any 24 month period in the event that district circumstances prevent members of Management from scheduling vacations to use vacation entitlement. The payment may be arranged with the administrator upon mutual agreement with the Superintendent in a lump sum, or over a period of time not to exceed one year.

f. Upon termination, administrators shall receive payment for unused vacation.

g. Certificated administrators will be allowed to use any accumulated or previously accrued vacation or will be paid his/her current per diem salary for that previously accrued vacation in a fashion developed through meet and confer discussions between the Superintendent or designee and representatives from the IUSD Administrators Association.

10. Performance Evaluation

a. The performance of each administrator shall be evaluated every year. Principals shall be evaluated by the Superintendent or his/her designee; all other administrators shall be evaluated by their immediate supervisor.

11. Administrative Review

a. An administrator may request a meeting with the Superintendent regarding concerns relating to the application of Board policy 4300.1. The administrator may request an IUSD Administrators Association representative be present during this meeting.

b. Other Considerations

(1) Reprisals: No reprisals shall be taken against any administrator for processing an Administrative Review or participating in any way in the Administrative review process.

(2) Redress: Completion of this Administrative Review procedure does not preclude an administrator from securing redress through the legal system.

12. Leaves of Absence

a. Administrators will be entitled to all rights and privileges afforded all certificated bargaining unit members with the exception of the provisions listed below.

13. Retirement Program

a. Eligibility

(1) Certificated and Classified administrators must meet the same eligibility requirements as stated for other bargaining units.

(2) An administrator may elect to participate in any early retirement programs offered to certificated and/or classified employees.

b. Benefits

(1) Health and Dental Insurance

(a) Upon retirement, the district will continue to provide, the same health and dental insurance benefits as then in effect for regular full-time administrators and their eligible dependents, in each of the years involved until he/she attains age 65, or qualifies for other benefits.

(b) After age 65, a group health plan will be made available for the administrator, at the administrator's expense.

14. The following sections of AR 4300.1 will be applicable to Confidential employees as written: a. Section 10: Vacations

15. Confidential employees will be entitled to all rights and privileges afforded all classified bargaining unit members in the following areas:

a. Leave of Absence (except vacation noted above)

b. Holidays

c. Comp Time/Overtime (Non-exempt status; comp/overtime rates only)

d. Health and Welfare

e. Health and Welfare Retirement

f. Layoff/Reemployment Rights

g. Professional Growth Program

h. Salary

(1) Confidential employees will be compensated based on the Confidential employee salary schedule


approved: June 29, 2015 Inglewood, California

revised: December 7, 2016

revised: January 11, 2017

revised: February 17, 2019

revised: April 17, 2019