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Code Of Conduct   

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This policy promotes mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among IUSD employees, parents, and the public. This policy is not intended to impinge upon the lawful exercise of constitutionally protected rights of freedom of speech or assembly, or to discourage communication between and among students, parents, employees, and the public, but only to maintain, to the extent possible and reasonable, a safe, harassment-free workplace for students and staff. IUSD encourages positive communication and will not tolerate hostile or aggressive actions. IUSD seeks public cooperation with this endeavor.

Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) is committed to maintain orderly educational and administrative processes, keeping all educational facilities and administrative offices (hereinafter "school grounds") free from disruptions, and preventing unauthorized persons from entering school grounds. Employees of IUSD will treat parents and members of the public with respect and expect the same in return.

Legal Reference:


32210 Willful Disturbance of Public School or Meeting, Misdemeanor

32211 Request to Leave for Disruption or Interference

44810 Willful Interference with Classroom Conduct

44811 Disruption or Disorder


243.5 Assault and Battery on School Grounds

243.6 Battery Against School Employee in Retaliation for Performance of Duties; Injury; Punishment

15.5 Offenses Committed on Grounds of School, Community College, University or State University

626.4 Withdrawal of Consent for Person to Remain on Campus

626.6 Power to Direct Person to Leave Campus, Punishment for Refusal to Comply

626.7 Failure to Obey Direction to leave Campus or Re-Entry After Direction to Leave

626.8 Disruptive Entry or Entry Upon School Grounds by Person Not on Lawful Business

627.7 First Offenses in Refusal to Leave School Grounds


adopted: November 20, 2019 Inglewood, California