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Legal Resources | Health and Safety Code |  HS  104425  

Risk Reduction; Tobacco Control; Tobacco Use Prevention   

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(a) The State Department of Education shall award and administer grants for projects directed at the prevention of tobacco use among school-age children. The purpose of the grant program is to conduct health education and tobacco information activities targeted to school-age children in order to reduce the number of persons beginning to use, or continuing to use, tobacco. The grants shall provide funds to eligible grantees, as determined by the State Department of Education. The State Department of Education shall select a variety of grantees and innovative and promising projects.

(b) The State Department of Education shall develop criteria and standards for the allocation of grant awards, that consider the need to balance (1) target populations to be served; (2) project type; (3) rural, suburban, and urban projects, and consider the local availability of similar services. The department shall evaluate all grant programs by employing statistics that describe the impact of a grant program.

(c) The State Department of Education shall give priority to grantees who do the following:

(1) Design the project to coordinate with other community services including local health agencies, voluntary health organizations, and parent organizations.

(2) Design the project to utilize and develop existing services and resources.

(3) Demonstrate an understanding of the role that society, the environment, and community norms have in influencing tobacco usage.

(4) Indicate promising innovative approaches to diminishing tobacco use among school-age children and permit those approaches to be replicated by others.

(Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 5.)