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Healthy Schools Act of 2000   

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(a) (1) The use of a pesticide on a schoolsite is prohibited if that pesticide is granted a conditional registration, an interim registration, or an experimental use permit by the Department of Pesticide Regulation, or if the pesticide is subject to an experimental registration issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and either of the following is applicable:

(A) The pesticide contains a new active ingredient.

(B) The pesticide is for a new use. This paragraph does not apply to a conditionally registered pesticide that is approved for other uses that has fulfilled all registration requirements that relate to human health, including, but not limited to, the completion of mandatory health effect studies pursuant to the Birth Defect Prevention Act of 1984 (Art. 14 (commencing with SEC. 13121), Ch. 2, Div. 7, F. & A.C.). The requirements of this section are not intended to impose any new labeling requirements.

(2) The use of a pesticide on a schoolsite is prohibited if the Department of Pesticide Regulation cancels or suspends registration, or requires phase out of use, of that pesticide.

(b) Vendors or manufacturers of pesticides that are prohibited for use on a schoolsite pursuant to subdivision (a) are prohibited from furnishing those pesticides to school districts or schoolsites either by sale or by gift.

(c) This section does not apply to public health pesticides or antimicrobial pesticides registered pursuant to Section 12836 of the Food and Agricultural Code.

(Amended by Stats. 2006, Ch. 865, Sec. 2.)