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(a) "County board of supervisors" includes county boards of supervisors in the case of counties acting jointly.

(b) "Agency" means the Health and Welfare Agency.

(c) "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Health and Welfare Agency.

(d) "County alcohol program plan" or "program plan" means the county alcohol plan, including a budget, adopted by the board of supervisors pursuant to Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 11795).

(e) "Board" means the State Advisory Board established pursuant to Section 11780.

(f) "Advisory board" means the county advisory board on alcohol problems established at the sole discretion of the county board of supervisors pursuant to Section 11805. If a county does not establish an advisory board, then any provision of this chapter relative to the activities, duties, and functions of the advisory board shall be inapplicable to that county.

(g) "Alcohol program administrator" means the county alcohol program administrator designated pursuant to Section 11800.

(h) "State alcohol program" includes all statewide alcohol projects administered by the department and all county alcohol programs funded under this part.

(i) "Health systems agency" means the health planning agency established pursuant to federal legislation cited as Public Law 93-641 of 1974.

(j) "Alcohol problems" means problems of individuals, families, and the community which are related to inappropriate alcohol use, and includes conditions usually associated with the terms "alcoholism" and "alcohol abuse."

(k) "Problem drinker" means anyone who has a problem related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages whether of a periodic or continuing nature, including, but not limited to, persons referred to as "alcoholics," "alcohol abusers," and "drinking drivers." These problems may be evidenced by substantial impairment to the person's physical, mental, or social well-being which adversely affects his or her abilities to function in the community.

(l) "Alcohol service" means any service that is specifically and uniquely designed to encourage recovery from problem drinking and to alleviate or preclude alcohol problems in the individual, his or her family, and the community.

(m) "Alcohol program" means a collection of alcohol services which are coordinated to achieve the specified objectives of this part.

(n) "Driving-Under-the-Influence Program," "DUI Program," or "Licensed Program" means an alcohol and other drug service which has be en issued a valid license by the department to provide services pursuant to Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 11836).

(o)"Clients-participants" means recipients of alcohol recovery program services.

(Amended by Stats. 1993, Ch. 1244, Sec. 2)