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Chapter definitions   

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As used in this chapter:

(a) "Administrator" means the county drug program administrator designated pursuant to Section 11962.

(b) "Governing body" means the county board of supervisors or boards of supervisors in the case of counties acting jointly.

(c) "County drug program plan" means the drug program plan, as required pursuant to Section 11983.1.

(d) "Advisory board" means the county advisory board established at the sole discretion of the county board of supervisors pursuant to Section 11964. If a county does not establish an advisory board, then any provision of this chapter relative to the activities duties, and functions of the advisory board shall be inapplicable to that county.

(e) "Drug abuse services" means any service directed toward early intervention in, or alleviation or prevention of, drug abuse, including, but not limited to, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment information, referral, consultation, and community services.

(f) "Director" means the Director of the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

(g) "Association" means the Association of the County Drug Program Administrators.

(h) "Provider" means an agency or person under contract with the county which provide drug program services, or county-operated services, or licensed or certified agencies offering drug services.

(i) "Clients-participants" means recipients of drug recovery program services.

(Amended by Stats. 1993, Ch. 64, Sec. 33.)