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Student Extracurricular Activities: Clubs And Organizations   

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The Governing Board recognizes the value of extra-curricular activities in developing student responsibility and providing for the interests and needs of a diverse population. School organizations whose purposes are to conduct activities on behalf of the students will function under the authority and responsibility of the principal and pursuant to the regulations of applicable Education Code and school regulations.

Student clubs and organizations may be recognized as authorized school organizations if they are organized at the school, supervised by a district employee designated for such supervision, composed completely of current student body members, hold the majority of their meetings at school, and have a democratic plan for the election of officers and the selection of members. As a condition of continual approval, student clubs, their members, and agents shall comply with all district and school rules and regulations. Students wishing to establish a school club shall submit a constitution including mission statement to the Associated Student Body for approval. Club constitutions shall be updated annually and submitted to the ASB by October 1 of each year. The complete list of school clubs shall be approved annually by the site principal and reported to the board. Parents shall be notified through newsletters and other publications of the names and descriptions of school clubs.

Students may meet on campus outside of class time for a limited-open forum as defined in Title VIII of Public Law 98-377, consistent with the provision of the Equal Access Act of 1984.

In accordance with the requirements of Education Code 35179, student clubs shall not engage in interscholastic athletic programs or activities except in accordance with program and policies approved by the district's governing board and the California Interscholastic Federation. It is the role of the club advisor to ensure that club activities are in accordance with programs and policies approved by the Board.

Clubs or activities shall not be approved if they require waivers of liability.

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adopted: May 13, 2003 La Canada Flintridge, California