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Interdistrict Attendance Agreements   

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Out-Of-District Students Attending La Canada Unified School District (LCUSD)

Examples of conditions for granting incoming permits to students are as follows:

a. That there is available space for the student in grade level and/or program

b. The district is not required to create a program at excess cost for the student

c. The student's citizenship and behavior are at the same level as that of his/her peers

d. To complete school year started in the LCUSD

e. That a home is being purchased or built in the LCUSD as a primary residence and the family will move into the home as their primary residence within the first trimester (TK-6) or semester (7-12) of the upcoming school year. OR on or before December 31 of the upcoming school year.

f. That siblings have been enrolled

g. That parents/guardians are employed within district boundaries

h. A reason approved by the principal or Superintendent

Procedures to be Followed in Admitting Out-of-District Students to LCUSD

The issuance and renewal of permits shall be governed by the following:

a. Applications for an interdistrict transfer permit (including a list of all required documentation and due date) are made available according to the application timelines established by the Superintendent or designee. Applications shall be accepted as a completed package only. Completed applications will be date and time stamped. Applications filed after the deadline will not be accepted.

b. Before admission is granted, the Superintendent or designee shall review each proposed enrollment and determine whether it would result in additional costs to the district in excess of any state funds received for the transfer. If it is determined that excess costs would be incurred by the district, the student may be denied admission in accordance with law.

c. In determining the issuance of permits, the Superintendent shall adhere to priorities and capacity limitations established according to Board policy

d. The schools shall notify parents and students of the possibility of disenrollment if students on permit demonstrate unacceptable behavior and shall provide time for altering the behavior. Letters informing parents of disenrollment shall come from site principals or district officials.

Denial of Permits

The Superintendent or designee is authorized to deny new permits or revoke existing permits during the school year if one or more of the following conditions prevail:

a. Student misconduct, including, but not limited to, a violation of law, school rule or school directive, whether or not such misconduct constitutes a violation of Education Code 48900, et seq.

b. The student does not maintain a satisfactory record in behavior or attendance.

c. False, misleading, or deliberate omission of information is used as a basis for securing or renewing a permit. Failure to promptly update essential information shall also be a basis for denying or canceling a permit.

d. Issuance of a permit would cause the class, caseload or services required by the student to exceed space available, as determined by the Superintendent/designee.

e. Student may be denied admission if the cost of accepting exceeds the state aid generated, in accordance with law, or if class size is adversely affected.

f. If, in the determination of the district administration, space, facilities, services, or supplies are or will be insufficient at any given site to accommodate residents or anticipated new resident students within the attendance area.

g. Approval of the request would require the addition of a special program, service or class.

h. For such other unusual non-arbitrary circumstances which, in the discretion of the Superintendent or designee, justify the denial of the permit.

The parent/guardian of the student shall be notified in writing of the Superintendent's or designee's decision to deny admission. The notice shall include the specific reasons for the denial. The district shall notify parents/guardians of their right to appeal a denial to the County Board.

Interdistrict Transfer/Permits - La Canada Students to Attend Public School Outside of the District

Procedures to be followed in issuing release permit for student to attend school outside LCUSD:

1. Permits are issued for a one-year period only.

2. Approval of release permits will be the responsibility of the District Office after consultation with the school principal.

3. Examples of conditions for granting release permits are as follows:

a. Granting release during year for student to complete school year or for 12th grade student to complete graduation in school where he/she started.

b. Parent/guardian has purchased or is building home outside of district.

c. A reason approved by the Principal and the Superintendent.

d. If child care of an elementary student is provided at an address outside of La Canada.

e. If regularly employed staff member requests transfer for a dependent.

The district shall inform parents/guardians of their right to appeal denial of interdistrict transfer requests.


approved: March 2, 2018 La Canada Flintridge, California