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Work Permits   

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Approval/Revocation of Work Permits

1. No work permit shall be issued until the student's parent/guardian, foster parent or residential shelter services provider has filed a written request with the district. (Education Code 49110)

2. To help in determining the extent to which outside employment may be approved, the Superintendent or designee shall:

a. Inspect the student's records for evidence of satisfactory grades and attendance

b. Confer with at least one of the student's teachers to determine whether the student appears to have the time, stamina, motivation and maturity to maintain academic progress while working

3. After issuing a work permit, the Superintendent or designee shall periodically inspect the student's scholastic and attendance records.

4. The Superintendent or designee shall revoke a student's work permit whenever he/she determines that employment is impairing the student's health or education. (Education Code 49164)

Permits to Work Part Time When School Is in Session

A student 16 or 17 years of age who has completed the seventh grade may receive a permit to work outside of school hours for no more than four hours on any day on which the student is required by law to attend school. (Education Code 49112) The following exception shall apply:

The four-hour limit may be exceeded for students 16 or 17 years of age who are employed in a school-approved work experience or cooperative vocational education program or in personnel attendance occupations as defined in Industrial Welfare Commission Minimum Wage Order #15. (Education Code 49116)


approval: May 13, 2003 La Canada Flintridge, California