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Grades/Evaluation Of Student Achievement   

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Grades for Achievement

Grades for achievement shall be reported for each marking period as follows:

1. For grade levels utilizing letter grades:

A Outstanding Achievement 4.0 grade points

B Above Average Achievement 3.0 grade points

C Average Achievement 2.0 grade points

D Below Average Achievement 1.0 grade points

F Little or No Achievement 0 grade points

I Incomplete 0 grade points

2. For grade levels utilizing Standards based assessment:

4 Achieving district grade level exit standards with excellence

3 Achieving district grade level exit standards

2 Approaching district grade level exit standards

1 Not achieving district grade level exit standards

Whenever it becomes evident to a teacher that a student is in danger of failing a course, the teacher shall arrange a conference with the student's parent/guardian or send the parent/guardian a written report. (Education Code 49067)

(cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention)

(cf. 5124 - Communication with Parents/Guardians)

An Incomplete is given only when a student's work is not finished because of illness or other excused absence. If not made up within six weeks, the Incomplete shall become an F unless otherwise specified by the instructor.

When reporting student grades to parents/guardians, teachers may add comment codes, narrative descriptions, observational notes and/or samples of classroom work in order to better describe student progress in specific skills and subcategories of achievement.

Grades for Citizenship and Effort

At grades K-6, grades for citizenship and effort shall be reported each marking period as follows:

O Outstanding

S Satisfactory

N Needs Improvement

Pass/Fail Grading

The Superintendent or designee may identify courses or programs for which students may, with parent/guardian permission, elect to earn a Pass or Fail grade instead of an A-F grade.

Students who receive a Pass grade shall acquire the appropriate semester units of credit for the course. The grade shall not be counted in determining class rank, honors list, or membership in the California Scholarship Federation. Students who receive a Fail grade shall not receive credit for taking the course.

Grade Weighting for Advanced Placement/Honors Courses

When calculating a student's grade point average, extra grade weighting shall not be assigned to a course that covers a subject required for admission to the University of California or the California State University unless the Superintendent or designee has submitted the course curriculum to the President of the University of California and received confirmation that the university approves the course for extra grade weighting and includes the course on its list of honors courses. Application of this requirement shall follow a four-year implementation schedule beginning with ninth-grade students in the 2005-06 school year. (Education Code 51220.3)

Repeating Classes

With the approval of the principal or designee, a student may repeat a course in order to raise his/her grade. Both grades received shall be entered on the student's transcript, but the student shall receive credit only once for taking the course.

The highest grade received shall be used in determining the student's overall grade point average.

Withdrawal from Classes

A student who drops a course within the first three weeks of the semester may do so without any entry on his/her permanent record card. A student who drops a course after the first three weeks of the semester shall lose credit and the withdrawal shall be indicated on his/her permanent record.


approval: November 3, 2017 La Canada Flintridge, California