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Tuberculosis Testing   

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The following protocol shall be followed for any student who has a positive TB skin test:

1. The parent/guardian must provide the school with the results of a chest x-ray before the student enters class. If no x-ray has been done, the parent/guardian shall be given a TB follow-up form to take to his/her personal physician or to the county public health office. The student must then obtain a chest x-ray and bring proof that the film was taken for school entry.

2. If the TB form is not returned with x-ray results within two weeks, the Superintendent or designee shall contact the student and family for information about the x-ray report.

3. If the student is found to have active infectious tuberculosis on chest x-ray and sputum tests, the student shall not be admitted to school until a physician's note is presented, showing that the student is free of communicable tuberculosis. (Health and Safety Code 121485, 121495)

4. If the x-ray is negative and the student admitted, the Superintendent or designee may contact the student and family again in four to six weeks to determine that they have followed through with a medical appointment for the INH preventive medication program, if indicated.


approval: May 13, 2003 La Canada Flintridge, California