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spacer arrow 80.1 Part 80--Uniform Administrative Requirements For Grants And Cooperative Agreements To State And Local Governments. Subpart A--General. Purpose and sco  
spacer arrow 80.2 Scope of subpart.  
spacer arrow 80.3 Definitions  
spacer arrow 80.4 Applicability  
spacer arrow 80.5 Effect on other issuances  
spacer arrow 80.6 Additions and exceptions  
spacer arrow 80.10 Subpart B--Pre-Award Requirements. Forms for applying for grants  
spacer arrow 80.11 State plans  
spacer arrow 80.12 Special grant or subgrant conditions for "high-risk" grantees  
spacer arrow 80.20 Subpart C--Post-Award Requirements. Financial Administration. Standards for financial management systems  
spacer arrow 80.21 Payment  
spacer arrow 80.22 Allowable costs  
spacer arrow 80.23 Period of availability of funds  
spacer arrow 80.24 Matching or cost sharing  
spacer arrow 80.25 Program income  
spacer arrow 80.26 Non-Federal audit.  
spacer arrow 80.30 Changes, Property, and Subawards. Changes  
spacer arrow 80.31 Real property  
spacer arrow 80.32 Equipment  
spacer arrow 80.33 Supplies  
spacer arrow 80.34 Copyrights  
spacer arrow 80.35 Subawards to debarred and suspended parties  
spacer arrow 80.36 Procurement.  
spacer arrow 80.37 Subgrants  
spacer arrow 80.40 Reports, Records, Retention, and Enforcement. Monitoring and reporting program performance  
spacer arrow 80.41 Financial reporting  
spacer arrow 80.42 Retention and access requirements for records.  
spacer arrow 80.43 Enforcement  
spacer arrow 80.44 Termination for convenience  
spacer arrow 80.50 Closeout. Subpart D--After-the-Grant Requirements  
spacer arrow 80.51 Later disallowances and adjustments  
spacer arrow 80.52 Collection of amounts due  
spacer arrow 99.1 PART 99--Family Educational Rights And Privacy. Subpart A-General To which educational agencies or institutions do these regulations apply?  
spacer arrow 99.2 What is the purpose of these regulations?  
spacer arrow 99.3 What definitions apply to these regulations?  
spacer arrow 99.4 What are the rights of parents?  
spacer arrow 99.5 What are the rights of students?  
spacer arrow 99.7 What must an educational agency or institution include in its annual notification?  
spacer arrow 99.8 What provisions apply to records of a law enforcement unit?  
spacer arrow 99.10 Subpart B--What are the Rights of Inspection and Review of Education Records?  
spacer arrow 99.11 May an educational agency or institution charge a fee for copies of education records?  
spacer arrow 99.12 What limitations exist on the right to inspect and review records?  
spacer arrow 99.20 Subpart C--What are the Procedures for Amending Education Records?  
spacer arrow 99.21 Under what conditions does a parent or eligible student have the right to a hearing?  
spacer arrow 99.22 What minimum requirements exist for the conduct of a hearing?  
spacer arrow 99.30 Part 99-Family Educational Rights and Privacy. Subpart D-May an Educational Agency or institution Disclose Personally Identifiable Information From Education Records?  
spacer arrow 99.31 Under what conditions is prior consent not required to disclose information?  
spacer arrow 99.32 What recordkeeping requirements exist concerning requests and disclosures?  
spacer arrow 99.33 What limitations apply to the redisclosure of information?  
spacer arrow 99.34 What conditions apply to disclosure of information to other educational agencies or institutions?  
spacer arrow 99.35 What conditions apply to disclosure of information for Federal or State program purposes?  
spacer arrow 99.36 What conditions apply to disclosure of information in health and safety emergencies?  
spacer arrow 99.37 What conditions apply to disclosing directory information?  
spacer arrow 99.38 What conditions apply to disclosure of information as permitted by State statute adopted after November 19, 1974 concerning the juvenile justice syste  
spacer arrow 99.39 What definitions apply to the nonconsensual disclosure of records by postsecondary educational institutions in connection with disciplinary proceedings concerning crimes of violence or non-forcible sex offenses?  
spacer arrow 99.60 Subpart E--What are the Enforcement Procedures? What functions has the Secretary delegated to the Office and to the Office of Administrative Law Judge  
spacer arrow 99.61 What responsibility does an educational agency or institution have concerning conflict with State or local laws?  
spacer arrow 99.62 What information must an educational agency or institution submit to the Office?  
spacer arrow 99.63 Where are complaints filed?  
spacer arrow 99.64 What is the investigation procedure?  
spacer arrow 99A Appendix A to Part 99-Crimes of Violence Definitions  
spacer arrow 99.65 What is the content of the notice of investigation issued by the Office?  
spacer arrow 99.66 What are the responsibilities of the Office in the enforcement process?  
spacer arrow 99.67 How does the Secretary enforce decisions?  
spacer arrow 99.a Appendix A To Part 99--Crimes of Violence Definitions  
spacer arrow 99.b Appendix B to Part 99  
spacer arrow 100.1 Purpose.  
spacer arrow 100.2 Application of this regulation.  
spacer arrow 100.3 Discrimination prohibited.  
spacer arrow 100.4 Assurances required.  
spacer arrow 100.5 Illustrative application.  
spacer arrow 100.6 Compliance information.  
spacer arrow 100.7 Conduct of investigations.  
spacer arrow 100.8 Procedure for effecting compliance.  
spacer arrow 100.9 Hearings.  
spacer arrow 100.10 Decisions and notices.  
spacer arrow 100.11 Judicial review  
spacer arrow 100.12 Effect on other regulations; forms and instructions.  
spacer arrow 100.13 Definitions  
spacer arrow 100.A Appendix A to Part 100-Federal Financial Assistance to Which These Regulations Apply top Part 1-Assistance Other Than Continuing Assistance to States  
spacer arrow 100A Appendix A to Part 100 Federal Financial Assistance to Which These Regulations Apply  
spacer arrow 100.B Appendix B--Guidelines for Eliminating Discrimination and Denial of Services on the Basis of Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, and Handicap in Vocati