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spacer arrow 200.1 State responsibilities for developing challenging academic standards.  
spacer arrow 200.2 State responsibilities for assessment.  
spacer arrow 200.3 Designing State Academic Assessment Systems.  
spacer arrow 200.4 State law exception.  
spacer arrow 200.5 Timeline for assessments.  
spacer arrow 200.6 Inclusion of all students.  
spacer arrow 200.7 Disaggregation of data.  
spacer arrow 200.8 Assessment reports.  
spacer arrow 200.9 Deferral of assessments  
spacer arrow 200.10 Applicability of a State's academic assessments to private schools and private school students  
spacer arrow 200.11 Participation in NAEP.  
spacer arrow 200.12 Single State accountability system.  
spacer arrow 200.13 Adequate yearly progress in general.  
spacer arrow 200.14 Components of Adequate Yearly Progress.  
spacer arrow 200.15 Timeline  
spacer arrow 200.16 Starting points  
spacer arrow 200.17 Intermediate goals  
spacer arrow 200.18 Annual measurable objectives.  
spacer arrow 200.19 Other academic indicators.  
spacer arrow 200.20 Making adequate yearly progress.  
spacer arrow 200.21 Adequate yearly progress of a State  
spacer arrow 200.22 National Technical Advisory Council.  
spacer arrow 200.25 Schoolwide Programs  
spacer arrow 200.26 Schoolwide Programs  
spacer arrow 200.27 Development of a schoolwide program plan  
spacer arrow 200.28 Schoolwide program components.  
spacer arrow 200.29 Consolidation of funds in a schoolwide program.  
spacer arrow 200.30 LEA and School Improvement.  
spacer arrow 200.31 Opportunity to review school-level data.  
spacer arrow 200.32 Identification for school improvement.  
spacer arrow 200.33 Identification for corrective action.  
spacer arrow 200.34 Identification for restructuring.  
spacer arrow 200.35 Delay and removal.  
spacer arrow 200.36 Communication with parents.  
spacer arrow 200.37 Notice of identification for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.  
spacer arrow 200.55 Qualifications of Teachers and Paraprofessionals  
spacer arrow 200.56 Definition of "highly qualified teacher."  
spacer arrow 200.57 Plans to increase teacher quality.  
spacer arrow 200.58 Qualifications of paraprofessionals.  
spacer arrow 200.59 Duties of paraprofessionals.  
spacer arrow 200.60 Expenditures for professional development.  
spacer arrow 200.61 Parents' right to know.  
spacer arrow 200.62 Participation of Eligible Children in Private Schools.  
spacer arrow 200.63 Consultation.  
spacer arrow 200.64 Factors for determining equitable participation of private school children.  
spacer arrow 200.65 Determining equitable participation of teachers and families of participating private school children.  
spacer arrow 200.66 Requirements to ensure that funds do not benefit a private school.  
spacer arrow 200.67 Requirements concerning property, equipment, and supplies for the benefit of private school children.  
spacer arrow 200.70 Allocations To LEAS  
spacer arrow 200.71 LEA eligibility.  
spacer arrow 200.72 Procedures for adjusting allocations determined by the Secretary to account for eligible LEAs not on the Census list.  
spacer arrow 200.73 Applicable hold-harmless provisions.  
spacer arrow 200.74 Use of an alternative method to distribute grants to LEAs with fewer than 20,000 total residents.  
spacer arrow 200.75 Special procedures for allocating concentration grant funds in small States.  
spacer arrow 200.77 Procedures for the Within-District Allocation of LEA Program Funds  
spacer arrow 200.78 Allocation of funds to school attendance areas and schools.  
spacer arrow 200.79 Fiscal Requirements.  
spacer arrow 200.80 Subpart B-Even Start Family Literacy Program  
spacer arrow 200.81 Program definitions.  
spacer arrow 200.82 Use of program funds for unique program function costs.  
spacer arrow 200.83 Responsibilities of SEAs to implement projects through a comprehensive needs assessment and a comprehensive State plan for service delivery.  
spacer arrow 200.84 Responsibilities of SEAs for evaluating the effectiveness of the MEP.  
spacer arrow 200.85 Responsibilities of SEAs and operating agencies for improving services to migratory children.  
spacer arrow 200.86 Use of MEP funds in schoolwide projects.  
spacer arrow 200.87 Responsibilities for participation of children in private schools.  
spacer arrow 200.88 Exclusion of supplemental State and local funds from supplement, not supplant and comparability determinations.  
spacer arrow 200.89 MEP allocations; Re-interviewing; Eligibility documentation; and Quality control.  
spacer arrow 200.90 Subpart D--Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth Who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk of Dropping Out Sec.  
spacer arrow 200.91 SEA counts of eligible children.  
spacer arrow 200.100 Subpart E-General Provisions.  
spacer arrow 200.103 Definitions.