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Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Procedures   

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In awarding contracts for public works projects involving district facilities, the Board of Trustees desires to obtain the best value to the district and ensure the qualifications of contractors to complete the project in a satisfactory manner. The Board has, by resolution, adopted the procedures set forth in the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act pursuant to Public Contract Code 22030-22045, including the informal bidding procedures when allowed by law.

(cf. 3311 - Bids)

(cf. 7110 - Facilities Master Plan)

The Board delegates to the Superintendent or designee the responsibilities to award any contract eligible for informal bidding procedures and to develop plans, specifications, and working details for all public projects requiring formal bidding procedures.

No work, project, service, or purchase shall be split or separated into smaller work orders or projects for the purpose of evading legal requirements for competitive bidding. (Public Contract Code 22033)

Projects awarded through the UPCCAA shall be subject to the cost accounting procedures established by the California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission. (Public Contract Code 22030)

Emergency Actions

When formal bids are required by law but an emergency necessitates immediate repair or replacements, the Board may, upon a four-fifths vote of the Board, proceed to replace or repair a facility without adopting plans, specifications, strain sheets, or working details or giving notice for bids to let contracts. The work may be done by day labor under the direction of the Board and/or contractor. The emergency action shall subsequently be reviewed by the Board in accordance with Public Contract Code 22050 and shall be terminated at the earliest possible date that conditions warrant, so that the remainder of the emergency action may be completed by giving notice for bids to let contracts. (Public Contract Code 1102, 22035, 22050)

(cf. 9323.2 - Actions by the Board)

Legal Reference:


1102 Definition of emergency

20110-20118.4 Local Agency Public Construction Act; school districts

22000-22020 California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission

22030-22045 Alternative procedures for public projects (UPCCAA), especially:

22032 Applicability of procedures based on amount of project

22034 Informal bidding procedure

22035 Emergency need for repairs or replacement

22037-22038 Formal bidding procedures for projects exceeding $175,000

22050 Alternative emergency procedures

Management Resources:


Cost Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual

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CSBA: http://

California Association of School Business Officials:

California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission:


adopted: August 15, 2017 Lancaster, California