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Meals for Needy Pupils in Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 12   

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In order to ensure optimal access to nutrition, facilitate the use of the federal Community Eligibility Provision (42 U.S.C. Sec. 1759a), and further reduce the burden of collecting annual unduplicated pupil income data through free and reduced-price school meal applications, a school district or county superintendent of schools may determine a pupil's eligibility for free and reduced-price school meals based on data including the direct certification match and alternative measures of poverty pursuant to Section 42238.01 for purposes of the local control funding formula, paragraph (5) of subdivision (a) of Section 6313 of Title 20 of the United States Code, and Section 54.505 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

(Added by Stats. 2017, Ch. 724, Sec. 4.)