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Article 3. Department of Education   

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The department shall prepare and distribute to school districts guidelines for the preparation of comprehensive health education plans, and, in cooperation with those county offices of education which desire to participate, assist school districts in developing comprehensive health education plans and programs. For this purpose, the department shall assume the following functions and carry out the following duties:

(a) Assist in the development of model curricula for the public schools for comprehensive health education programs consistent with the provisions and intent of approved district comprehensive health education plans.

(b) Identify innovative teaching methods for the instruction in health in the public schools.

(c) With the cooperation and assistance of the State Department of Health, develop methods of evaluating the effectiveness of instruction in health.

(d) Develop model instructional materials for comprehensive health education courses and make these materials available to local school districts.

(e) In cooperation with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, assist teacher training institutions in development of courses on comprehensive health education.

(f) Assist in the development of adult education programs which include parents, students, and community health agencies and personnel.

(g) With the cooperation of, and assistance of, the qualified instructional staffs of state-supported public institutions of higher education, develop and establish a health education training program for public school teachers and administrators to provide in-service training at the local district or regional level.

(Amended by Stats. 1994. Ch. 922, Sec. 119.)