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Duties of Team Leader.   

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A team leader shall devote at least one-half time to the following duties:

(a) Direct, aid, and coordinate intern's activities.

(b) Supervise interns and their internship activities.

(c) Participate in screening candidates for consideration for internships.

(d) Meet with intern individually to provide guidance and counsel.

(e) Plan and conduct or arrange for other persons to conduct inservice and preservice training for interns.

Arrange for interns to be aware of meetings for professional growth.

(g) Collect data necessary for reporting on the progress of interns.

(h) Arrange for supervising teachers and check to make certain that their participation is helping to implement the objectives of the program for the benefit of the interns.

(i) Assist interns to develop skills and other abilities necessary for effective teaching.

(j) Supervise at least six but not more than 10 interns.

(k) Assist in the teaching process in the participating school.

(l) Participate in facilitating the teacher education program for the interns.