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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 7 |    210.15, 210.015  

Part 210—National School Lunch Program. Subpart C—Requirements for School Food Authority Participation. Reporting and recordkeeping.   

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(a) Reporting summary. Participating school food authorities are required to submit forms and reports to the State agency or the distributing agency, as appropriate, to demonstrate compliance with Program requirements. These reports include, but are not limited to:

(1) A Claim for Reimbursement and, for the month of October and as otherwise specified by the State agency, supporting data as specified in accordance with section 210.8 of this part;

(2) An application and agreement for Program operations between the school food authority and the State agency, and a Free and Reduced Price Policy Statement as required under section 210.9;

(3) A written response to reviews pertaining to corrective action taken for Program deficiencies;

(4) A commodity school's preference whether to receive part of its donated food allocation in cash for processing and handling of donated foods as required under section 210.19(b);

(5) A written response to audit findings pertaining to the school food authority's operation as required under section 210.22;

(6) Information on civil rights complaints, if any, and their resolution as required under section 210.23;

(7) The number of food safety inspections obtained per school year by each school under its jurisdiction; and

(8) The prices of paid lunches charged by the school food authority.

(b) Recordkeeping summary. In order to participate in the Program, a school food authority or a school, as applicable, must maintain records to demonstrate compliance with Program requirements. These records include but are not limited to:

(1) Documentation of participation data by school in support of the Claim for Reimbursement and data used in the claims review process, as required under section 210.8(a), (b), and (c) of this part;

(2) Production and menu records and, if appropriate, nutrition analysis records as required under section 210.10, whichever is applicable.

(3) Participation records to demonstrate positive action toward providing one lunch per child per day as required under section 210.10(a)(2), whichever is applicable;

(4) Currently approved and denied applications for free and reduced price lunches and a description of the verification activities, including verified applications, and any accompanying source documentation in accordance with 7 CFR 245.6a of this Title; and

(5) Records from the food safety program for a period of six months following a month's temperature records to demonstrate compliance with section 210.13(c), and records from the most recent food safety inspection to demonstrate compliance with section 210.13(b);

(6) Records to document compliance with the requirements in section 210.14(e); and

(7) Records to document compliance with the requirements in section 210.14(f).

[76 FR 35317, June 17, 2011]