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Health And Welfare Benefits   

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Affordability of Health Coverage

The Superintendent or designee shall seek written assurance from the district's health insurance carrier(s) that the health plan offered to full-time district employees and their dependents meets all requirements of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (42 USC 300gg-300gg95; 26 USC 4980H; 26 CFR 54.4980H-1-54.4980H-6)

The Superintendent or designee also shall ensure that each employee's contribution to the employee-only health coverage does not exceed 9.5 percent of his/her modified household income, as defined in 26 USC 5000A. The Superintendent or designee shall calculate the affordability of the coverage using one or more of the following methods in a uniform and consistent basis for all employees within the same category: (26 USC 4980H; 26 CFR 54.4980H-4-54.4980H-5)

1. The district shall ensure that the lowest cost employee-only coverage does not exceed 9.5 percent of wages paid to the employee by the district for the calendar year as reported on the employee's W-2 tax form. For an employee not offered coverage for an entire calendar year, the wages shall be adjusted to reflect the period for which coverage was offered.

2. The district shall ensure that the employee's required monthly contribution for the lowest cost employee-only coverage does not exceed 9.5 percent of an amount equal to 130 hours multiplied by the employee's hourly rate of pay on the first day of the plan year or his/her lowest hourly pay during the calendar month, whichever is lower.

3. The district shall ensure that the employee's contribution does not exceed 9.5 percent of a monthly amount determined as the federal poverty line for a single individual for the applicable calendar year, divided by 12.

Retired Certificated/Classified Employees

Any former certificated/classified employee who retired from the district under any public retirement system and his/her spouse/domestic partner shall be permitted to enroll in the health and welfare and/or dental care benefit plan currently provided for certificated/classified employees. The plan also shall be available to any surviving spouse/domestic partner of a former certificated/classified employee who either retired from the district under any public retirement system or was, at the time of death, employed by the district and a member of the State Teachers' Retirement System or Public Employees Retirement System. (Education Code 7000)

A retired certificated/classified employee or surviving spouse/domestic partner shall be allowed to enroll in the coverage within 30 days of losing active employee coverage. If he/she does not enroll during this initial enrollment period, he/she may be denied further opportunity to do so. (Education Code 7000)

COBRA/Cal-COBRA Continuation Coverage

Covered district employees and their qualified beneficiaries shall be offered the opportunity to continue health and disability insurance coverage when they otherwise would lose coverage due to one of the following qualifying events: (Health and Safety Code 1366.21, 1366.23, 1373; Insurance Code 10128.51, 10128.53, 10277; 26 USC 4980B; 26 CFR 54.4980B-4)

1. Death of the covered employee

2. Termination or reduction in hours of the covered employee's employment, other than termination by reason of the employee's gross misconduct

(cf. 4118 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

3. Divorce or legal separation of the covered employee

4. The covered employee becoming entitled to Medicare benefits

5. A dependent child ceasing to be a dependent child of the covered employee

Continuation health coverage shall be the same as provided to similarly situated individuals under the group benefit plan. (Health and Safety Code 1366.23; Insurance Code 10128.53; 26 USC 4980B)

The Superintendent or designee shall notify the health care service plan administrator of a qualifying event listed in item #1, 2, or 4 above, within 30 days of the event. A covered employee or qualified beneficiary shall notify the service plan administrator of a qualifying event listed in item #3 or 5 above within 60 days of the event or of the date that the beneficiary would lose coverage, whichever is later. (26 USC 4980B; 29 USC 1163, 1166; 26 CFR 54.4980B-6)

Continuation coverage shall be terminated in accordance with the district's insurance plan and federal and state law. (26 USC 4980B; 26 CFR 54.4980B-6; Health and Safety Code 1373.621; Insurance Code 10116.5)

The Superintendent or designee shall notify covered employees and qualified beneficiaries of the availability of conversion and continuation coverage. This notification shall include the statement in Labor Code 2800.2 encouraging individuals to examine their options carefully before declining such coverage. (Labor Code 2800.2)

(cf. 4112.9/4212.9/4312.9 - Employee Notifications)

Disability Insurance

The Superintendent or designee shall give notice of disability insurance rights and benefits to each new employee and each employee leaving work due to pregnancy, nonoccupational illness or injury, the need to provide care for any sick or injured family member, or the need to bond with a minor child within the first year of the child's birth or placement in connection with foster care or adoption. (Unemployment Insurance Code 2613)

(cf. 4157.1/4257.1/4357.1 - Work-Related Injuries)

(cf. 4161/4261/4361 - Leaves)

(cf. 4161.1/4361.1 - Personal Illness/Injury Leave)

(cf. 4161.8/4261.8/4361.8 - Family Care and Medical Leave)

(cf. 4261.1 - Personal Illness and Injury Leave)

When disabled by an injury sustained from a violent act while performing duties within the scope of employment and performing creditable employment, a certificated or classified employee may continue in the district health and dental care plans upon meeting criteria specified by law. The employee shall pay all employer and employee premiums and related administrative costs. (Education Code 7008)


approved: December 15, 2015 Lancaster, California