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Multicultural Education   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that the American culture is based on the precepts of our Founding Fathers and shaped by contributions from all segments of our diverse nation. Public schools are the most widespread shared experience for the great majority of Americans and must preserve and perpetuate the American culture in a manner that accurately reflects the contributions of all races, ethnic groups, and cultures.

Multicultural education is an approach to teaching and learning that is based upon democratic ideals and seeks to instill in students mutual respect and understanding.

Students will learn to respect and work cooperatively with persons of all cultures, recognizing that all people are created equal and share the right to the principles espoused in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution- freedom, justice, opportunity, and a democratic form of government. Instruction should help students realize the value of individual differences as well as the dignity and worth inherent in all people. The educational process will provide a basis for understanding, trust, and effective communication that celebrates the diversity which makes our nation unique while emphasizing the American Heritage we have in common as the foundation of our country's unity.

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44560 Inservice preparation in ethnic backgrounds

60040 Portrayal of cultural and racial diversity

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adopted: June 17, 1997 Lancaster, California

reviewed: November 6, 2007