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Intervention For Underperforming Schools   

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Selection of School-Site and Community Team

Upon application to or selection by the Superintendent of Public Instruction to participate in the program, the Board of Trustees shall, by November 15 of the year that the school participates, appoint a broad-based school-site and community team consisting of a majority of non-school-site personnel, with at least 20 percent of team members consisting of parents/guardians of students enrolled at the school. (Education Code 52054)

(cf. 1220 - Citizen Advisory Committees)

An existing school site council may serve as the school-site and community team if augmented with at least one additional person not employed at the school. (5 CCR 3932)

(cf. 0420 - School Plans/Site Councils)

Development of Action Plan

By February 15 following the school's selection to participate in the state's intervention program, the external evaluator or entity, in collaboration with the broad-based school-site and community team, shall complete a review of the school that identifies weaknesses that contribute to the school's below-average performance, make recommendations for improvement, and begin development of an action plan to improve the academic performance of the students enrolled at the school. (Education Code 52054)

In the development of the action plan, the school-site and community team shall consult with the exclusive representatives of employees. (Education Code 52054)

(cf. 4140/4240 - Bargaining Units)

The external evaluator or entity shall inform parents/guardians, in writing, that the school has been selected to participate in the program due to its below-average performance. The external evaluator or entity shall also notify parents/guardians of their opportunity to provide recommendations, either in writing or at a public hearing, of actions that should be taken to improve the school's performance. These opinions and recommendations shall be considered in the development or modification of the action plan. (Education Code 52054)

A school selected for program participation may elect to use an existing school plan, provided that the plan meets the requirements of Education Code 52054(c)-(i) regarding the content of the plan, consultation with employee organizations, and submission of the plan for Board approval. (Education Code 52054.3)

Upon completion, the action plan shall be submitted to the Board for approval at a regularly scheduled meeting. After the plan is approved, but no later than May 15 following the school's selection to participate in the program, the plan shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction. (Education Code 52054)

(cf. 9322 - Agenda/Meeting Materials)

Content of Action Plan

The action plan shall focus on improving student academic performance, improving the involvement of parents/guardians, improving the effective and efficient allocation of resources and management of the school, and identifying and developing solutions that take into account the underlying causes for low performance by students. (Education Code 52054)

(cf. 6020 - Parent Involvement)

The action plan shall include percentage growth targets on the state's Academic Performance Index (API) at least as high as the annual growth targets adopted by the State Board of Education. (Education Code 52054)

At a minimum, the action plan shall: (Education Code 52054)

1. Review and include the school and district conditions identified in the school accountability report card.

(cf. 0510 - School Accountability Report Card)

2. Identify the current barriers at the school and district toward improvements in student achievement.

3. Identify schoolwide and districtwide strategies to remove these barriers.

4. Review and include school and district crime statistics.

5. Examine and consider disaggregated data regarding student achievement and other indicators to consider whether all groups and types of students made adequate progress toward short-term growth targets and long-term performance goals. The disaggregated data shall, at a minimum, provide information regarding the achievement of English learners, students with exceptional needs, students who qualify for free and reduced price meals, and all students in numerically significant subgroups.

(cf. 3553 - Free and Reduced Price Meals)

(cf. 6162.5 - Student Assessment)

A "numerically significant ethnic or socioeconomically disadvantaged subgroup" is a subgroup that constitutes either of the following: (Education Code 52052)

a. At least 15 percent of a school's total student population and at least 30 students

b. At least 100 students, even if the subgroup does not constitute 15 percent of the total enrollment at a school

A "socioeconomically disadvantaged student" is a student neither of whose parents/guardians has received a high school diploma or a student who participates in the free or reduced price lunch program.

6. Set two-year academic objectives that will allow the school to make adequate progress toward its growth targets for student achievement as measured, to the extent that data are available for the school, by results of the statewide Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) achievement tests; graduation rates for grades 7 and 8; attendance rates for students and school personnel; and any other indicators approved by the State Board of Education.

The action plan may propose to increase the number of instructional days offered at the school and also may propose to increase up to a full 12 months the amount of time for which certificated employees are contracted, if both of the following conditions are met: (Education Code 52054)

1. Plan provisions do not violate current applicable collective bargaining agreements.

2. An agreement is reached with the exclusive representative concerning staffing specifically to accommodate the extended school year or 12-month contract.

(cf. 4141/4241 - Collective Bargaining Agreement)

Additional information in the action plan shall indicate the extent to which the school has:

1. Fully qualified and certificated teachers in each subject at each grade level

(cf. 4112.2 - Certification)

2. For each student, a complete set of instructional materials aligned to state core content standards

(cf. 6161.1 - Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials)

3. Available professional development aligned to core content standards and to standards-based instructional materials for all teachers within their teaching assignment

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

4. Teachers and administrators using the results of state and local assessments to alter instruction and improve academic achievement

The action plan shall include an expenditure plan that does not require expenditure of funds in excess of those provided through the intervention program or otherwise available to the school. (Education Code 52054)

Consequences Based on Progress

If a school fails to meet its annual short-term growth target within 12 months after receiving funding for the intervention program, the Board shall hold a public hearing at a regularly scheduled meeting to ensure that the members of the school community are aware of the lack of progress. (Education Code 52055)

Upon consultation with the external evaluator/entity and the school-site and community team, the Board shall choose from a range of interventions for the school, including reassignment of school personnel to the extent authorized by law, negotiation of site-specific amendments to collective bargaining agreements, or other changes deemed appropriate in order to continue implementation of the action plan. (Education Code 52055)

(cf. 4114 - Transfers)

(cf. 4314 - Transfers)

A school that continues to fail to meet its performance goals 24 months or 36 months after receiving implementation funding shall be subject to consequences specified in Education Code 52055.5 and 52055.51.

Conflict of Interest Investigation for External Evaluator

In order to ensure a prompt and equitable resolution to complaints concerning an external evaluator's real or apparent conflict of interest, the following procedures shall be utilized:

1. All complaints concerning a conflict of interest involving an external evaluator shall be directed to the Superintendent or designee for appropriate action.

2. Within five working days of receiving a complaint, the Superintendent or designee shall decide whether to initiate an investigation. The investigation, if any, may include, but not be limited to, interviews and requests for and review of pertinent documents.

3. Within 30 working days of the receipt of the complaint resulting in an investigation, the Superintendent or designee shall prepare a written report on his/her findings and prepare a recommendation for corrective action, if necessary.

4. Within five working days of completion of the report, the Superintendent or designee shall provide the Board and the external evaluator with a written copy of the report.

5. Within 30 working days of the receipt of the written report, the Board shall resolve any remaining issues at its discretion.

6. The Board's action shall be final.


Approved: July 7, 2004 Lawndale, California