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The Board of Trustees shall provide for paid and unpaid leaves of absence for employees in accordance with law, Board policy, administrative regulation, collective bargaining agreements, as applicable.

(cf. 4141/4241 - Collective Bargaining Agreement)

(cf. 4161.9/4261.9/4361.9 - Catastrophic Leave Program)

The Board recognizes the following justifiable reasons for employee absence:

1. Personal illness or injury

(cf. 4161.1/4361.1 - Personal Illness/Injury Leave)

(cf. 4261.1 - Personal Illness/Injury Leave)

2. Industrial accident or illness

(cf. 4161.11/4361.11 - Industrial Accident/Illness Leave)

(cf. 4261.11 - Industrial Accident/Illness Leave)

3. Family care and medical leave, including childbirth and recovery, care of newborn and placement of a child with the employee for foster care or adoption of a child

(cf. 4161.8/4261.8/4361.8 - Family Care and Medical Leave)

4. Military service

(cf. 4161.5/4261.5/4361.5 - Military Leave)

5. Personal necessity and personal emergencies

(cf. 4161.2/4261.2/4361.2 - Personal Leaves)

6. Disability leave for certificated employees in accordance with Education Code 44986

7. Vacations for classified staff and certificated management staff, as applicable

8. Jury Duty or required court appearance

9. Attendance at work-related meetings and staff development opportunities

(cf. 4131 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4231 - Staff Development)

(cf. 4331 - Staff Development)

10. Religious observances

11. Participation in child's school or day care activities

12. Bereavement

13. Compulsory leave

(cf. 4118 - Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 4218 - Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

Long-Term Leaves

With Board approval, an employee may receive a leave of absence, without pay and without accruing seniority or service credit, for a period of up to one school year. Applications for long-term leave shall be made in writing and shall state the purpose for which leave is requested. All long-term leave agreements shall be in writing and shall state the terms and conditions of the leave, including the conditions governing the employee's return.

At the end of a long-term leave, the employee shall be reinstated to a similar position as that held at the time leave was granted, unless otherwise agreed upon.

The Board shall consider any written request by an employee to return to work prior to the expiration date of the leave.

Administrative, Supervisory and Confidential Personnel

Certificated administrative and supervisory employees who are not subject to the district's bargaining agreement for certificated employees shall generally be entitled to those leave provisions provided in the bargaining agreement for other certificated employees unless otherwise specified in individual contract, memorandums of understanding, Board policy, administrative regulation, or law.

Classified administrative, supervisory employees and confidential personnel who are not subject to the district's bargaining agreement for classified employees shall generally be entitled to those leave provisions provided in the bargaining agreement for other classified employees unless otherwise specified in individual contract, memoranda of understanding, Board policy, administrative regulation, or law.

(cf. 2121 - Superintendent's Contract)

(cf. 4300 - Administrative and Supervisory Personnel)

(cf. 4312.1 - Contracts)

Legal Reference:


22850-22856 Pension benefits, STRS members on military leave

44018 Compensation for employees on active military duty

44036-44037 Leaves of absence for judicial and official appearances

44043.5 Catastrophic leave

44800 Effect of active military service on status of employees

44842 Failure to provide notice or to report to work

44940 Sex offenses and narcotic offenses; compulsory leave of absence

44962-44988 Leaves of absence (certificated)

45059 Employee ordered to active military/naval duty, computation of salary

45190-45210 Leaves of absence (classified)


297-297.5 Registered domestic partner rights, protections and benefits


3543.1 Release time for representatives of employee organizations

3543.2 Scope of representation

12945.1-12945.2 California Family Rights Act

20990-21013 Pension benefits, PERS members on military leave


230-230.2 Leaves for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or specified felonies

230.3 Leave for emergency personnel

230.4 Leave for volunteer firefighters

230.8 Leave to visit child's school

233 Illness of child, parent, spouse or domestic partner


395-395.9 Military leave

395.10 Leave when spouse on leave from military deployment


2601-2654 Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993


4301-4334 Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994


adopted: December 9, 2008 Lawndale, California