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The Board of Trustees recognizes that appropriate supervision and regular, comprehensive evaluations can help employees to continually improve in the performance of their responsibilities. Evaluations shall be made in accordance with procedures specified in negotiated contracts and based on job-specific standards of performance.

(cf. 4141/4241 - Collective Bargaining Agreement)

The Board expects supervisors to gauge employees' on-the-job effectiveness and appraise their major accomplishments and progress in an objective and consistent manner. Evaluations shall address the competence and care with which the employee executes his/her assigned responsibilities. As appropriate, evaluations also may address the extent to which the employee works cooperatively with others and observes school or district rules and regulations.

(cf. 4219.21 - Code of Ethics)

Evaluation Process

1. The classified employee will be furnished a written copy of his/her job description at the time of employment.

2. A copy of the evaluation form will be furnished to the employee at the time of employment.

3. The immediate supervisor of the employee is responsible for revaluating the employee.

4. The evaluation shall cover the areas of personal qualities and job performance.

5. Areas of Needed Improvement require an explanation and specific suggestions for improvement.

6. Probationary employees will be evaluated prior to the third month and fifth month of service.

7. Permanent employees will be evaluated at least once each year prior to March 1.

8. An employee may initiate a written reaction or response within five working days to be filed with the evaluation.

9. An employee who believes that the evaluation is not a true reflection of his/her performance may request a conference with the Division head.

10. Employee will receive a signed copy of all evaluations, including any attachments.

Legal Reference:


45113 Rules and regulations for the classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system

45261 Subjects of rules (merit system districts)

45262 Printing and distribution of rules


3543.2 Scope of representation


Adopted: September 15, 2003 Lawndale, California