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The Board of Trustees prohibits bullying at any location or activity under the jurisdiction of the school system. Any student who engages in bullying may be subject to disciplinary action up too an including expulsion.

The Board expects students and/or staff to immediately report incidents of bullying to the principal or designee. Each complaint of bullying should be promptly investigated. If the complainant or the parent/guardian of the student feels that appropriate resolution of the investigation or complaint has not been reached, the student or the parent/guardian of the student should contact the principal or the Director of Pupil Services. The school system prohibits retaliatory behavior against any complaint or any participant in the complaint process.

Teachers should discuss this policy with their students in age-appropriate ways and should assure them that they need not endure any from of bullying.


1. General Definitions

Bullying occurs when one or more students threatens, harass or intimidate another student through words or actions including:

* Direct physical contact such as hitting or shoving

* Verbal assaults such as teasing or name-calling

* Social isolating or manipulating a student

These incidents will be acted upon when they occur:

* On the school grounds at any time

* En route to and from school or a school-sponsored activity

* During the lunch period whether on or off campus; or

* During, or while going to or coming from a school-sponsored activity

2. Specific Examples

For the purpose of further clarification, bullying includes, but is not limited to:

* Making unsolicited written, verbal, physical and/or visual contact. Examples include:

a. Written - intimidating/threatening letters, notes, or messages

b. Verbal - intimidating/threatening comments, slurs, innuendoes, teasing, jokes or epithets

c. Visual - leering or gestures

d. Physical - hitting, slapping and/or pinching

* Making reprisals, threats or reprisal, or implied threats of reprisal.

* Engaging in implicit or explicit coercive behavior to control, influence or affect the health and well being of a student.


Reasonable efforts will be made to keep a report of bullying and the result of the investigation confidential. Witness should be informed of the confidential nature of the investigation and should be asked to refrain from disclosing the nature of the investigation to others.

Retaliation Prohibited

The initiation of a report of bullying should not reflect on the reporting student or witness in any way. It should not affect the student's future relationship with the school system, grades, class section or other matters pertaining to his her status as a student in any program. It is a violation of this policy to engage in such retaliation.

Disciplinary Action

Students who act in violation of this policy and/or the law may be subject to discipline up to and including expulsion. Such disciplinary action shall be in accordance with school system procedures and state and federal laws.

Investigation Procedures

1. Informal Resolution

Student who feels aggrieved because of conduct that may constitute bullying are encouraged, but not required, to inform the person engaging in such a conduct that the bullying is offensive and should stop.

2. Formal Reporting of Allegations of Bullying

If direct communication with the person whose conduct is offensive has been to no avail or would be inappropriate, the aggrieved student should communicate his/her concern to a teacher, counselor, principal or assistant principal. The student should also complete a formal, written report. If the student is unable to complete a written report, school staff may help him/her complete the report.

3. Responsibilities of Employees

Employees who receive reports of bullying or observe an act of bullying should immediately inform the principal or designee at the school the student attends.

4. Administrative Review and Procedure

a. Filing

While reports of bullying should be in writing, any report received, whether written or oral should be investigated.

b. Investigation

All matters regarding bullying should be promptly and thoroughly investigated in a confidential manner. The student accused of bullying should be informed of the result of the investigation and given the opportunity to present his/her version of the situation and to identify witnesses on his/her behalf. Parents/Guardians of both the accused and the student filing the complaint should be contacted as soon as appropriate.

c. Corrective Action/Discipline

Upon completion of the investigation, the principal or designee should determine the appropriate action, if any, to take. The corrective action may include, but not be limited to counseling, warning, or initiating disciplinary procedures against the offending student. Corrective action should be designed to prevent recurrence of the bullying.


Approved: April 6, 2004 Lawndale, California