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Lawndale ESD |  AR  4319.26  Personnel

Visitation Of Children At District Facilities   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that the first responsibility of all employees during the work day must be the conscientious performance of their respective duties. To this end, the Board of Trustees believes that employees who bring their own children to work cannot give full attention to the performance of their duties.

(cf. 4119.21/4219.21/4319.21- Professional Standards)

(cf. 4119.3/4219.3/4319.3 - Duties of Personnel)

Furthermore, employees must be legally responsible for the safety and welfare of the students, including the need to ensure that students are under their supervision at all times. In an emergency situation, employees' responsibility must be to students, and not their own children.

(cf. 3516- Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan)

(cf. 3515.2- Disruptions)

(cf. 5142- Safety)

The Board of Trustees believes that children who are not enrolled in the District shall not be allowed to accompany employees to work during the employee's working day. Exceptions to this practice may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, subject to the following rules:

1. A letter of request from the sponsoring employee, addressed to the school principal and stating the purpose of the proposed visit, shall be submitted at least two weeks prior to the projected date of the visit. This request is subject to approval by the school principal.

2. Children less than 10 years of age shall not be allowed to visit school facilities while school is in session.

3. The number of consecutive days of visitation shall not exceed 5 days and is subject to approval by the school principal.

4. While visiting, the child (ren) shall remain in the custody of the sponsoring employee at all times and demonstrate behavior appropriate to the school setting.

5. The parent(s) of the child(ren) shall sign a release in advance of the visitation absolving the District from any and all liability, should the child(ren) become injured or otherwise harmed or potentially harmed while visiting school and/or District property.


approved: October 16, 2012 Lawndale, California