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Superintendent Of Schools   

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The Superintendent shall have primary responsibility for the management of all District affairs. In carrying out his or her duties, the Superintendent shall provide educational leadership to the District and make student learning and student success his or her highest priorities. The Superintendent shall endeavor to maintain and improve his or her professional competence by all available means, including subscription to and reading of appropriate periodicals and membership in appropriate associations.

The Superintendent is expected to work for the fulfillment of district goals and objectives established by the Governing Board. The duties of the Superintendent's office shall take precedence over any outside professional activities.

The Superintendent is the chief executive officer of the school district, who is directly responsible to the Governing Board, and supervises all district operations in accordance with Board policies. Although the Superintendent may delegate appropriate powers and duties so that operational decisions can be made at various administrative levels, it is the Superintendent who is accountable for the execution of these powers and duties.

The Superintendent shall have such other duties that have been properly delegated to him or her by Board policies or by other Board actions.

Responsibilities Related to the Board

The Superintendent:

1. Advises the Board on the need for new and/or revised policies and makes policy recommendations based on data and input from staff and advisory committees; ensures that all current policies are reviewed every three years, and the conflict of interest policy is reviewed every two years

2. Submits to the Board recommendations relative to all matters requiring Board action, together with the materials needed for informed decisions

3. As permitted by any applicable law including, but not limited to, the Brown Act, the Superintendent shall, in advance of Board meetings, keep all Board members advised of emerging issues that could have a material impact on the Board or District

4. Reports weekly on all district operations

5. Conducts special studies requested by the Board

6. Secures legal opinions when needed

7. Serves as liaison to Board with respect to all matter of employer-employee relations and shall make recommendations to the Board concerning those matters

8. Serves as Secretary to the Board and performs the duties as prescribed in Section 35025 of Chapter 1 of Part 21 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Education code

9. Supports the Board in designing a process for evaluating Superintendent performance based on mutually agreed upon goals and objectives

Responsibilities Related to Operations and Personnel

The Superintendent:

1. Shall be responsible for the operations of the District, including, but not limited to, the areas of general administration, instruction, human resources, communications, government relations, facilities, business affairs, and technology

2. Coordinates the work of all schools and departments

3. Defines the duties of all personnel and coordinates administrative staff activities

4. Selects and recommends to the Board candidates for employment, in accordance with nondiscrimination policy and affirmative action plans

5. Advises the Board regarding the leave, classification, retirement, resignation, promotion, suspension, or dismissal of district employees

6. Assigns personnel within the district in accordance with Board policy and the collective bargaining agreement

7. Establishes and maintains positive community, staff, and Board relations

8. Ensures that each staff member is evaluated and identifies appropriate opportunities for continued professional development

9. Maintains appropriate channels of two-way communication within the district

10. Ensures that staff is informed about relevant federal, state, and county laws; district policies, regulations and procedures; and matters related to the improvement and welfare of the schools

11. Anticipates, manages, and resolves conflict

12. Serves as liaison between the Board and staff

13. Maintains a cabinet of senior District administrators to advise the Superintendent and shall evaluate all cabinet members pursuant to their contracts as well as Board policies and regulations

Responsibilities Related to Students and the Instructional Program

The Superintendent:

1. Enforces compulsory attendance laws

2. Provides the Board with regular evaluations of district programs and student progress

3. Together with staff, studies the curriculum and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the courses of study, major changes in texts and time schedules, and promising programs

4. Apprises the Board of contemporary educational practices and related legislative issues which he/she discovers by reading, attending professional conferences, and visiting other school systems

5. Ensures that there is a continuous focus on student growth and learning

6. Ensures equitable administration of student discipline policies. Under appropriate circumstances, recommends to the Board a student's suspension or expulsion

7. Works with staff, the Board, and the community in planning and implementing support services for students

8. Together with staff, develops, reports and implements the annual Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Responsibilities Related to Noninstructional Operations

The Superintendent:

1. Seeks and identifies sources of income and funding

2. Maintains and updates adequate enrollment and scholastic records, business and property records, and personnel records

3. Submits to the Board periodic financial and budgetary reports that identify the district's outstanding obligations

4. Annually prepares and submits to the Board the district budget for the upcoming year; revises this budget, or takes other related action as the Board designates

5. Approves all expenditures in accordance with Board policy and within Board-approved appropriation limits

6. Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the maintenance, safety, improvement, and/or expansion of school facilities, sites, equipment, and transportation services

7. Develops regulations and procedures for the management of school operations and the use and care of school properties

8. Monitors district property, casualty, and Workers' Compensation loss experience to ensure that appropriate risk management and loss control strategies are employed

Responsibilities Related to the Community

The Superintendent:

1. Represents the District before the public, and maintains such a program of public relations as may serve to improve understanding and to keep the public informed about District activities, needs and results

2. Acts as the primary liaison with the local, state, and federal agencies and elected representatives

3. Is encouraged to attend appropriate local community meetings

4. Regularly reports to the Board on all external relations activities

Legal Reference:


17604 Delegation of powers to agents

17605 Delegation of authority to purchase supplies, equipment and services

35020 Duties of employees set by governing board

35026 Employment of district superintendent by certain districts

35028 Qualifications for employment

35029 Waiver of certification requirement

35035 Additional powers and duties of superintendent

48900 Authority of superintendent to recommend suspension or expulsion


89501-89503 Honoraria and gifts


adopted: April 28, 2018 Lemon Grove, California