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Salary Guides   

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The citizens of this community are interested in attracting and maintaining a qualified, competent staff to educate their children. The Governing Board recognizes the importance of an attractive salary schedule and sound salary policies in securing and holding a competent staff.

All administrative personnel entering the school district shall be placed on the salary schedule based upon training and experience. There shall be a separate salary schedule for administrators and for teachers.

The salary schedule shall contain a class or position title and a number of steps which provide salary increments for service and professional growth within each class. Advancement shall be made on the basis of evidence of professional growth.

The Board shall work cooperatively with the staff in matters involving the formulation, amendment or repeal of salary provisions for school personnel. The Governing Board shall make the final decision on salary provisions.

For those members of the staff who are a part of a bargaining unit, only the exclusive representative can bargain over salaries.

Salary guides for employees covered by an employee agreement may be found in the current agreement. Salary guides for other personnel may be inspected at the district office.

Legal Reference:


45032 Power of governing board to increase salaries

45160-45169 Salaries


adopted: February 1989 Lemoore, California