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Credit for Private School Foreign Language Instruction.   

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If all of the following conditions and standards are met, credit for foreign language studies successfully completed in a private school shall be granted and apply toward meeting any foreign language requirement prescribed for grades 9-12.

(a) The pupils seeking credit is regularly enrolled and in attendance in grade 9-12 of the district or is applying for admission thereto.

(b) The pupil, or his parent or guardian, on behalf of the pupil, makes written application for the credit, specifying the private school attended and the amount and level of credit requested; and submits a transcript or other documents from the private school evidencing the pupil's successful completion of the course. The amount of credit sought shall not be less than one semester's work or the equivalent.

(c) The pupil demonstrates to the satisfaction of the principal of the public school in which he is enrolled that his achievement in the foreign language is equivalent to that expected of a pupil of comparable ability taking the same or similar instruction at the specified level in the schools of the district. The principal's determination shall be based upon the private school's report of the results of a test given the pupil by the private school; the test shall have been developed by the private school in cooperation with the district of the pupil's attendance. If the institution was a school located outside the district, the determination may be based upon a test given the student by a public school or such other evidence as the principal deems appropriate.

Authority cited:

Education Code 8705