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Solicitation Of Funds From And By Students   

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Student Organization Fundraiser Request


Name of the Organization Advisor

Nature of the fundraiser:

Product to be marketed: Vendor Name:

Other costs: (freight costs, etc., total amount of product(s) ordered and sold, etc.)

Proposed date(s) of the event:

Please read before signing:

Procedures for Fundraising Activities

1. The purpose of all fundraising is to provide monies to offset costs incurred by the organization and to promote extra-curricular activities at the school site. Fundraisers are for LUHSD school organizations, not individuals or departments.

2. All fundraisers must be approved by the Principal or his/her designee. Information regarding the fundraiser, such as date of fundraiser, vendor to be used (freight costs, etc.), and total amount of products ordered and sold are to be clarified on the application.

3. Following the fundraiser, an accounting of all merchandise ordered, sold, or returned must be completed. (Fundraiser Summary Report).

4. Purchase orders may be completed and merchandise ordered only AFTER fundraisers have been approved. Payment will not be approved (check will not be issued) unless a purchase order has been previously obtained - all costs will then become the responsibility of the advisor.

5. Delivery of all products will be to the school office - not to individual classrooms. The advisor will be notified upon arrival of the products.

6. Parent consent is required for students to participate in any fundraising that might result in a financial liability for that student.

7. Advisors will be responsible for storage and distribution of fundraiser products.

8. If it becomes necessary to receive money from a student, the advisor must provide a receipt for all monies and keep one copy for the club file. The advisor then assumes responsibility for the money until deposited with the bookkeeper.

9. Advisors will be held liable for funds not properly secured. Proceeds from LUHSD schools fundraisers MUST be deposited with the bookkeeper.

10. Any student who does not turn in money collected or products checked out must be billed immediately by the advisor and every effort to clear the debt within two weeks after the fundraiser must be made. All club bills must be cleared before school is out for the summer.

11. Advisors will be held accountable to parents concerning any discrepancies concerning money collected or billings made to students.

12. Whenever money is collected at a time when deposits with the bookkeeper is not possible (evening events, sales at games, etc.), the advisor must secure a bank vault bag from the bookkeeper for night depository, or it must be brought to the school site office for placement in the safe.

13. Funds should NEVER be taken home or stored in the classroom, vehicle, etc.

14. Raffles are in violation of state law. Do NOT sell raffle tickets without going over restrictions with the Principal or his/her designee.

15. Funds should NEVER be co-mingled with other monies.

16. Expenses should not be paid in cash from the fundraising receipts. Payments must be by check from the organization account. See bookkeeper for details.

Signature of advisor: Date:

Approved for dates:

Not approved

Principal/designee Date:


version: October 25, 2012 Lemoore, California