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Lemoore Union HSD |  BP  4312.8  Personnel

Nepotism: Employment Of Relatives   

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The following policy shall govern conflict of interest in the employment of staff:

l. Persons related by blood or marriage to a Governing Board member may be employed following full disclosure of the relationship by the Board member in a public meeting and sufficient vote of appointment without counting the vote of the related Board member.

2. Persons related by blood or marriage to an administrator shall not be appointed to a position that is supervised and/or evaluated by that administrator.

3. Members of the same family may be employed at the same department or work location when approved in writing by the Superintendent or his/her designated representative.

It is the intent of these rules to avoid any situation wherein there can arise a conflict of interest either on the part of a member of the Board or a member of the administrative staff.

Legal Reference:


35233 No personal interest in contract 21 Ops. Att. Gen. 228 (Adult child of board member may be hired) 5 Ops. Att. Gen. 6 (Minor child may not be hired)

35234 Justifying circumstances

35235 Cases where justifying circumstances not applicable

35236 Contract between district and member's spouse or child


adopted: October 15, 1987 Lemoore, California