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School Day   

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Grades 9-12

The school day for students in grades 9-12 shall be at least 240 minutes. (Education Code 46141, 46142)

However, the school day may be less than 240 minutes when authorized by law. Programs that have a minimum school day of 180 minutes include, but are not necessarily limited to:

1. Continuation high school or classes (Education Code 46141, 46170)

(cf. 6184 - Continuation Education)

2. Opportunity school or classes (Education Code 46141, 46180)

3. Regional occupational center (Education Code 46141, 52325)

(cf. 6178.2 - Regional Occupational Center/Program)

4. Work experience education program approved pursuant to Education Code 51760-51769.5 (Education Code 46141, 46144)

A student in grade 12 who is enrolled in work experience education and is in his/her last semester or quarter before graduation may be permitted to attend school for less than 180 minutes per school day if he/she would complete all requirements for graduation, except physical education courses, in less than 180 minutes each day. (Education Code 46147)

(cf. 6178.1 - Work-Based Learning)

5. Concurrent enrollment in a community college pursuant to Education Code 48800-48802 or, for students in grades 11-12, part-time enrollment in classes of the California State University or University of California, provided academic credit will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of enrolled courses (Education Code 46146)

(cf. 6172.1 - Concurrent Enrollment in College Classes)

6. An early college high school or middle college high school, provided the students are enrolled in community college or college classes in accordance with item #5 above (Education Code 46141, 46146.5)

7. Special day or Saturday vocational training program conducted under a federally approved plan for career technical education (Education Code 46141, 46144)

(cf. 6178 - Career Technical Education)

8. Adult education classes (Education Code 46190)

(cf. 6200 - Adult Education)

Alternative Block Schedule for Secondary Schools

In order to establish a block or other alternative schedule or to accommodate career technical education and regional occupational center/program courses, the district may authorize students to attend fewer than the total number of days in which school is in session provided that students attend classes for at least 1,200 minutes during any five school day period or 2,400 minutes during any 10 school day period. (Education Code 46160)


approved: December 14, 2017 Lemoore, California