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Interdistrict Attendance   

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An interdistrict attendance agreement shall be initiated by the district of residence and shall require the appropriate signatures of the receiving district. An application is required for students leaving or entering the District. Applications must be renewed on an annual basis. Transportation is the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

The Student Services Department shall be responsible for processing interdistrict transfer requests. Staff will work to assure that incoming students are placed in schools according to the parent/guardians choice. Applications will normally be approved unless space is not available or if the costs of educating a special needs student would be more than the aid received from the State of California. Once a student has been admitted by an interdistrict agreement, he/she is welcomed and encouraged to continue attending Livermore schools as long as his/her behavior, attendance, and achievement meet District expectations.

The parent/guardian of a student who is denied an interdistrict transfer request may appeal the decision to the District Superintendent and the Board of Education. Requests that are denied by the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may be appealed within 30 days to the County Board of Education.

Students expelled from other school districts for certain serious offenses specified in Education Code 48915(a) or (c) are not eligible for an interdistrict transfer during the period of their expulsion. Prior to considering the transfer request of a student who had a prior expulsion, the Student Services Department shall hold a hearing to determine whether the student poses a danger to the students, staff or the District.

Until the District is at maximum capacity, the District shall accept any student whose interdistrict transfer application is based on being the victim of an act of bullying or a child of an active duty military parent/guardian. The District shall ensure that such students are admitted through an unbiased process that prohibits an inquiry into or evaluation or consideration of whether or not a student should be enrolled based on academic or athletic performance, physical condition, proficiency in English, family income, or any of the individual characteristics set forth in Education Code 220, including, but not limited to, race or ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and immigration status. (Education Code 46600)


approved: April 15, 2008 Livermore, California

revised: April 21, 2020