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The Board of Trustees may authorize the demotion or reassignment of any administrative or supervisory employee upon the recommendation of the Superintendent or designee and when such action is determined to be in the best interest of the district.

(cf. 0520.2 - Title I Program Improvement Schools)

(cf. 0520.3 - Title I Program Improvement Districts)

(cf. 4300 - Administrative and Supervisory Personnel)

(cf. 4312.1 - Contracts)

(cf. 4314 - Transfers)

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the district complies with all applicable statutory deadlines and due process procedures when an employee is to be demoted or reassigned.

Legal Reference:


35031 Senior management employee in the classified service: nonreelection

44660-44665 Evaluation and assessment of performance of certificated employees

44850.1 No tenure in administrative or supervisory positions

44896 Transfer of administrator or supervisor to teaching position

44897 Classification of administrator or supervisor to a teaching position

44951 Continuation in position unless notified

45101 Definitions (including disciplinary action, cause)

45113 Rules for classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system

52055.5 Meeting or exceeding growth requirements

52055.57 Districts identified or at risk of identification for program improvement


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adopted: June 20, 2017 Arroyo Grande, California