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Public Employees' Health Benefits; Health Benefit Plans and Contracts   

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(a) Each contract shall contain a detailed statement of benefits offered and shall include maximums, limitations, exclusions, and other definitions of benefits as the board deems necessary or desirable.

(b) Except as otherwise provided by this part, a health benefit plan or contract may not exclude any person on account of physical condition, age, race, or other status.

Except as otherwise provided by this part, transfer of enrollment to a health benefit plan shall be open to all employees and annuitants in accordance with Section 22841.

(c) A health benefit plan or contract shall offer to each employee or annuitant whose enrollment in the plan is terminated other than by cancellation of enrollment, voluntary separation from employment, or dismissal from employment for cause, the option to convert to an individual health benefits policy, without regard to health status, but within the time limit approved by the board. An employee or annuitant that exercises this option shall pay the full periodic charges of the individual policy according to the terms and conditions prescribed by the carrier and approved by the board.

(d) A health benefit plan or contract shall provide grievance procedures to protect the rights of employees and annuitants.

(e) The board shall provide a sufficient number of health benefit plans that provide chiropractic services so that every employee and annuitant has a reasonable opportunity to enroll in a health benefit plan that provides chiropractic services without prior referral by a physician.

(Added by Stats. 2004, Ch. 69, Sec. 22.)