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Power to Issue Revenue Bonds   

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Any entity which shall have been authorized to exercise the power to issue revenue bonds pursuant to this article shall have the further additional power to incur other forms of indebtedness pursuant to this section. Said further additional power shall not be exercised until authorized by the parties to the agreement. Said indebtedness may be evidenced by one or more bonds of any denomination issued pursuant to this article, or may consist of a note, warrant or other evidence of indebtedness which may be secured by a pledge, with the power of sale, of all or any part of bonds theretofore authorized or issued under this article. Said bond or bonds, or notes, warrants, or other evidences of indebtedness may be issued in negotiable form, in which case they shall be negotiable. The resolution authorizing the incurring of an indebtedness pursuant to this section may make any of the covenants and provide any of the terms or conditions authorized to be made or provided for in the case of bonds issued under this article, may provide for the sale or other disposition of any pledged bonds, and may contain any other covenant, term or condition which the governing body of the entity deems necessary or desirable to facilitate the incurring of said indebtedness or for the protection of the lender. Any such indebtedness shall be payable only from such sources as are authorized under this article for the payment of principal and interest on bonds or from the proceeds of refunding bonds issued pursuant to this article. Such indebtedness of the entity shall not constitute a debt, liability or obligation of any of the public agencies who are parties to the agreement creating such entity.

(Added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 943, Sec. 1.)