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Power to Issue Revenue Bonds   

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The indenture authorizing the issuance of the bonds shall recite the objects and purposes for which the bonds are to be issued, which may include any or all of the purposes stated in this article and which shall comprise the project, the principal amount of the bonds, the maximum rate of interest to be payable thereon which shall not exceed the maximum rate permitted by Section 53531, payable at the intervals which the governing body determines, and which may be fixed or variable and simple or compound, the date or dates of issue of the bonds, the maturity date or dates thereof, and the fund or funds from which the bonds and the interest thereon and premiums upon the redemption of any thereof are to be payable, and any other provisions authorized by this article as the governing body of the entity deems necessary or desirable. However, in the case of a project for the generation or transmission of electric energy, the maximum rate of interest shall not be applicable to bonds issued to continue or complete financing of a project for which bonds shall have theretofore been issued. The bonds shall be issued in negotiable form and shall be negotiable. The recitals or regularity of proceedings in any revenue bond issued and sold under this article shall be conclusive evidence of compliance with this article and of the validity of the bond. The bonds may be issued and sold to the United States of America, or the State of California, or to any appropriate department or agency thereof, to provide a source for the payment of principal and interest on any loan made by the United States of America, or the State of California, or agency thereof, to any agency created by an agreement entered into pursuant to this chapter.

(Amended by Stats. 1987, Ch. 212, Sec. 1.)