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Public Employees' Retirement Law   

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"Industrial" with respect to state miscellaneous members also means death or disability after January 1, 1993, resulting from an injury that is a direct consequence of a violent act perpetrated on his or her person by a patient or client of the State Department of State Hospitals at Patton State Hospital or Atascadero State Hospital, an inmate at the State Department of State Hospitals Psychiatric Program at California Medical Facility at Vacaville, or a patient at any other state hospital which is deemed a forensic facility if:

(a) The member was performing his or her duties within a treatment ward at the time of the injury, or

(b) The member was not within a treatment ward but was acting within the scope of his or her employment at the hospital and is regularly and substantially as part of his or her duties in contact with the patients or clients, and

(c) The member at the time of injury was employed in a state bargaining unit for which a memorandum of understanding has been agreed to by the state employer and the recognized employee organization to become subject to this section, or

(d) The member was either excluded from the definition of state employee in subdivision (c) of Section 3513 or was a nonelected officer or employee of the executive branch of government who was not a member of the civil service.

(Amended by Stats. 2012, Ch. 440, Sec. 25.)