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Local Bond Pooling Act   

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Bonds issued by the authority are legal investments for all trust funds, the funds of all insurance companies, banks, both commercial and savings, trust companies, executors, administrators, trustees, and other fiduciaries, for state school funds, and for any funds which may be invested in county, municipal, or school district bonds. These bonds are securities which may legally be deposited with, and received by, any state or municipal officer or agency or political subdivision of the state for any purpose for which the deposit of bonds or obligations of the state is now, or may hereafter be, authorized by law, including deposits to secure public funds. This authorization applies only to the extent that there exists evidence of indebtedness or debt securities of the participating party receiving financing through the issuance of these bonds which qualify for, or are eligible for, these purposes and uses.

(Added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 868, Sec. 6.)