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Integrated Financing District Act   

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Proceedings to create an integrated financing district shall be instituted by the local agency by adopting a resolution of intention to create the integrated financing district which shall include all of the following, and which may be combined with any similar resolution required in the financing act:

(a) A statement that the local agency will proceed under the authority of this chapter.

(b) A description of the boundaries of the proposed integrated financing district, which need not be the same as the boundaries of the district created pursuant to the financing act.

(c) A description of the rates and methods of apportionment over time of any levy proposed under this chapter, and the contingencies under which each levy will be made. A contingent assessment shall be specified as a fixed dollar amount per unit of area for parcels developed into each of several land use categories, as determined by the legislative body, except that the legislative body may provide that the fixed dollar amount may be adjusted annually by an interest rate, as determined by the legislative body. The cumulative interest rate adjustment shall not exceed 100 percent.

(d) A description of the proposed uses of funds arising from any levy made pursuant to this chapter, including a description of any facilities to be constructed with the funds, and an estimate of the cost of those facilities.

(e) A description of any proposed reimbursement agreement.

(f) A statement that a public hearing on proposals made under this chapter will be combined with any hearing or hearings required under the financing act, and a description of the procedures for interested persons to protest against the proposals.

(Amended by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1011, Sec. 3.)