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Public Records Act; exemptions from disclosure   

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Narcotic addict outpatient revocation proceeding, confidentiality of reports, Section 3152.5, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Narcotic and drug abuse patients, confidentiality of records, Section 11845.5, Health and Safety Code.

Native American graves, cemeteries and sacred places, records of, subdivision (r), Section 6254.

Notary public, confidentiality of application for appointment and commission, Section 8201.5.

Nurse, alcohol or dangerous drug diversion and rehabilitation records, confidentiality of, Section 2770.12, Business and Professions Code.

Obscene matter, defense of scientific or other purpose, confidentiality of recipients, Section 311.8, Penal Code.

Occupational safety and health investigations, confidentiality of complaints and complainants, Section 6309, Labor Code.

Occupational safety and health investigations, confidentiality of trade secrets, Section 6322, Labor Code.

Official information acquired in confidence by public employee, disclosure of, Sections 1040 and 1041, Evidence Code.

Oil and gas, confidentiality of proposals for the drilling of a well, Section 3724.4, Public Resources Code.

Oil and gas, disclosure of onshore and offshore exploratory well records, Section 3234, Public Resources Code.

Oil and gas, disclosure of well records, Section 3752, Public Resources Code.

Oil and gas leases, surveys for permits, confidentiality of information, Section 6826, Public Resources Code.

Oil spill feepayer information, prohibition against disclosure, Section 46751, Revenue and Taxation Code.

Older adults receiving county services, providing information between county agencies, confidentiality of, Section 9401, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Organic food certification organization records, release of, Section 110845, Health and Safety Code.

Osteopathic physician and surgeon, rehabilitation and diversion records, confidentiality of, Section 2369, Business and Professions Code.

(Amended by Stats.2009, Ch. 584, Sec. 16.)