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Public Records Act; Exemptions from Disclosure   

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Parole revocation proceedings, confidentiality of information in reports, Section 3063.5, Penal Code.

Passenger fishing boat licenses, records, Section 7923, Fish and Game Code.

Paternity, acknowledgement, confidentiality of records, Section 102760, Health and Safety Code.

Patient-physician confidential communication, Sections 992 and 994, Evidence Code.

Patient records, confidentiality of, Section 123135, Health and Safety Code.

Payment instrument licensee records, inspection of, Section 33206, Financial Code.

Payroll records, confidentiality of, Section 1776, Labor Code.

Peace officer personnel records, confidentiality of, Sections 832.7 and 832.8, Penal Code.

Penitential communication between penitent and clergy, Sections 1032 and 1033, Evidence Code.

Personal Care Services Program, exemption from disclosure for information regarding persons paid by the state to provide personal care services, Section 6253.2.

Personal Income Tax, disclosure of information, Article 2 (commencing with Section 19542), Chapter 7, Part 10.2, Division 2, Revenue and Taxation Code.

Personal information, Information Practices Act, prohibitions against disclosure by state agencies, Sections 1798.24 and 1798.75, Civil Code.

Personal information, subpoena of records containing, Section 1985.4, Code of Civil Procedure.

Personal representative, confidentiality of personal representative's birth date and driver's license number, Section 8404, Probate Code.

Personnel Administration, Department of, confidentiality of pay data furnished to, Section 19826.5.

Persons formerly classified as mentally abnormal sex offenders committed to a state hospital, confidentiality of records, Section 4135, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Persons with mental health disorders, court-ordered evaluation, confidentiality of reports, Section 5202, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Persons with mental health disorders, confidentiality of written consent to detainment, Section 5326.4, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Persons with mental health disorders voluntarily detained and receiving services, confidentiality of records and information, Sections 5328, 5328.15, 5328.2, 5328.4, 5328.8, and 5328.9, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Persons with mental health disorders, weapons restrictions, confidentiality of information about, Section 8103, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Petition signatures, Section 18650, Elections Code.

Petroleum supply and pricing, confidential information, Sections 25364 and 25366, Public Resources Code.

Pharmacist, alcohol or dangerous drug diversion and rehabilitation records, confidentiality of, Section 4372, Business and Professions Code.

Physical therapist or assistant, records of dangerous drug or alcohol diversion and rehabilitation, confidentiality of, Section 2667, Business and Professions Code.

Physical or mental condition or conviction of controlled substance offense, records in Department of Motor Vehicles, confidentiality of, Section 1808.5, Vehicle Code.

Physician and surgeon, rehabilitation and diversion records, confidentiality of, Section 2355, Business and Professions Code.

Physician assistant, alcohol or dangerous drug diversion and rehabilitation records, confidentiality of, Section 3534.7, Business and Professions Code.

Physician competency examination, confidentiality of reports, Section 2294, Business and Professions Code.

Physicians and surgeons, confidentiality of reports of patients with a lapse of consciousness disorder, Section 103900, Health and Safety Code.

Physician Services Account, confidentiality of patient names in claims, Section 16956, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Pilots, confidentiality of personal information, Section 1157.1, Harbors and Navigation Code.

Pollution Control Financing Authority, financial data submitted to, subdivision (o), Section 6254.

Postmortem or autopsy photos, Section 129, Code of Civil Procedure.

(Amended by Stats. 2014, Ch. 114, Sec. 18.)