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Low-cost health benefits plan   

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(a) Participation in a low-cost health benefits plan, developed and authorized by the board specifically as part of a flexible benefits program, is restricted to active state employees who are (1) excluded from the definition of state employee in Section 3513; (2) supervisory employees, as defined in Section 3580.3; (3) employees of the executive branch of government who are not members of the civil service; and (4) employees of the California State University System, as defined in Section 3562 and supervisory employees, as defined in Section 3580.3.

(b) If this section is in conflict with a memorandum of understanding reached pursuant to Section 3517.5 or Chapter 12 (commencing with Section 3560) of Division 4 of Title 1, the memorandum of understanding is controlling without further legislative action, except that, if the memorandum of understanding requires the expenditure of funds, it shall not become effective unless approved by the Legislature in the annual Budget Act.

(Amended by Stats. 1999, Ch. 971, Sec. 7.)