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Cache Creek Resource Management Plan   

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(a) The Secretary of the Resources Agency shall convene a multiagency task force that shall evaluate the effectiveness of the Cache Creek Resource Management Plan in achieving the plan's objectives concerning the rehabilitation and restoration of Cache Creek and identify those aspects of the plan that should be modified or eliminated to more effectively achieve the goals of this chapter.

(b) The task force shall consist of nine members as follows:

(1) A representative of the department.

(2) A representative of the Department of Fish and Game.

(3) A representative of the State Water Resources Control Board.

(4) Six members appointed by the Secretary of the Resources Agency. Of these six members, two shall be elected officials of a city or county with active mining operations within its jurisdiction, one of whom shall represent northern California interests, and one of whom shall represent southern California interests; one shall be a person currently engaged in in-stream mining activities as an employee or owner of a mining operation; one shall be a member of the State Mining and Geology Board; and two shall be members of the scientific community who are affiliated with a California institution of higher education. The representative of the department shall serve as the chairperson of the task force.

(c) The task force, not later than July 1, 2001, shall recommend to the Secretary of the Resources Agency any revisions to this chapter or any other provisions of law, including regulations of the State Mining and Geology Board, that are necessary to incorporate regional resource management plans in the state's regulation of instream mine reclamation. The task force recommendations shall, at a minimum, address all of the following issues:

(1) Flood control.

(2) Stream bank and channel erosion control.

(3) Slope stability.

(4) Vegetation and revegetation.

(5) The interrelationships of private and public land ownership along and within streambed areas, including ownership rights that are or may be "vested" as the term is used in Section 2776.

(6) The provision of adequate financial assurances for reclaiming mined areas.

(7) The monitoring of compliance with qualitative and quantitative measures to regulate mine reclamation on large segments of streams and rivers.

(8) Cumulative and site-specific issues related to resource management for instream mine reclamation.

(d) The department shall only convene the multiagency task force required pursuant to subdivision (a) if the costs associated with the operation of the task force will not diminish the department's ability to provide reclamation plan review, financial assurance review, and field inspections, undertake other enforcement actions and provide local assistance to cities or counties under this chapter.

(Amended by Stats. 2000, Ch. 87, Sec. 6.5.)