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Leave of Absence   

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"Leave of absence" means time during which a state employee was absent from state service on war relocation leave.

"War relocation leave" means the period of absence from state service occasioned by the evacuation and relocation of a member pursuant to orders issued by the commanding officer of the Western Defense Command in March 1942, for the evacuation of persons of Japanese descent from the area, where the member was in state service 90 days before or after March 5, 1942, and who later returned to state service. War relocation leave of a member shall include the period of time from the separation of a member from state service until his or her return to state service or July 1, 1947, whichever is earlier.

This section shall also be applicable to school members who were absent from service with a school district or a county superintendent of schools on war relocation leave.

When a school member received service credit under this section, his or her school employer shall transmit to the retirement fund a lump-sum amount determined by the board that is the actuarial equivalent of the cost for that service credit as of the date of election by the member to receive service credit under this section less the contributions paid by the school member on account of such service credit.

(Amended by Stats. 1996, Ch. 906, Sec. 118)