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Public Employees' Health Benefits; Eligibility   

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(a) A person who meets all of the criteria of an annuitant, as defined in subdivision (f) or (g) of Section 22760, other than the condition of receiving a retirement allowance under a retirement system supported in whole or in part by state funds, may continue enrollment in a health benefit plan or dental care plan provided to annuitants without discrimination as to premium rates or benefits coverage, upon assuming payment of the contributions otherwise required of the former employer on account of his or her enrollment and the employee contribution. The person shall also pay an additional 2 percent of the premium amount to cover administrative expenses incurred by the system or the Department of Personnel Administration. An election to continue coverage under this section shall be made within 60 days of permanent separation.

(b) A person who receives coverage pursuant to this subdivision who subsequently terminates that coverage may not reenroll. However, termination under this subdivision does not affect an annuitant's rights under Section 22817. The benefits authorized by Section 22817 and this section are separate and distinct benefits.

(c) The board has no duty to locate or notify any person who may be eligible to enroll pursuant to this section.

(Added by Stats. 2004, Ch. 69, Sec. 22.)