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PERS; State Service   

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(a) Notwithstanding Sections 22870, 22871, and 22873, a state employee, defined by subdivision (c) of Section 3513, who becomes a state member of the system after January 1, 1989, may not receive any portion of the employer contribution payable for annuitants unless the person is credited with 10 years of state service at the time of retirement.

(b) The percentage of the employer contribution payable for postretirement health benefits for an employee subject to this section shall be based on the completed years of credited state service at retirement as shown in the following table:

Credited Percentage

Years of of Employer

Service Contribution

10 50

11 55

12 60

13 65

14 70

15 75

16 80

17 85

18 90

19 95

20 or more 100

(c) This section shall apply only to state employees that retire for service. For purposes of this section, "state service" means service rendered as an employee of the state or an appointed or elected officer of the state for compensation. Notwithstanding Section 22826, for purposes of this section, credited state service includes service to the state for which the employee, pursuant to Section 20281.5, did not receive credit.

(d) This section does not apply to employees of the California State University, the judicial branch, or the Legislature.

(Amended by Stats. 2005, Ch. 328, Sec. 33.)